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Kim Alexis


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US Vogue September 1982

The Look-Makers - The Best Real-Life Day Dressing 
Photographer: Arthur Elgort 
Models: Kim Alexis, Andie MacDowell, Susan Hess, Leslie Winer, Nancy Donahue, Anette Stai, Paulina Porizkova, Terri May & Lisa Brandt 
Hair: Simon Marsden 
Makeup: Paul Gobel



Scanned by justaguy @ tfs

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5 hours ago, RocketQueen said:

"the fairest island that eyes have beheld" SPORT'S ILLUSTRATED US, FEBRUARY 14, 1983
Photographer: ?


Walter Iooss Jr is the photographer for the issue cover that year and that edit.  John G Zimmerman appears to have done everything in the 1983 SI calendar, other than the behind-the-scenes candid stuff.  Christie did her own calendar (ph Demarchelier), and isn't in the '83 SI calendar.  But calendars tend to move a year behind, stuff that's shot in '83 goes into the '84 calendar.  And Iooss does everything in the '84 SI calendar, featuring Kim, Carol, Paulina, and Hillary Safire.  Walter Ioos Jr 1983-84

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On 1/22/2018 at 3:25 AM, RocketQueen said:

Thanks, @FAMAMOCA!

Welcome!  It's nice that SI has brought back the Vault.  The new implementation is also better than the old one I think.


If you're building a collection of Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine editions and on the models, remember the off-issue/supplementary features.  These are some the more rare photos, the magazines that are hard to find in print. 


Think the earliest is 1987, when the magazine runs a bonus swim photo of Kathy Ireland in the "Letters" feature of the March 2 issue.  The actual swimsuit issue that year is February 9, with Elle on the cover.  The cover of the March 2 issue is a photograph of college basketball.  The magazine is back to the business of sports journalism, and you might not think to look inside for swimsuit content.  But the magazine's readers would write in, and the editors would then run some of the letters and respond.  Following the swimsuit edition, the editor's response would sometimes include extra swim photos.  There were two photographs of Cindy Crawford published in SISE.  One of those photos is in a Letters column.  So there's a lag between the actual swimsuit issue's publication, and then a "Letters" feature possibly with additional swimsuit content.  



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On 4/28/2020 at 11:46 AM, Swimsuitologist said:

Has anyone ever come across this pic without the watermark? It was apparently shot for the 1982 swimsuit issue. I think it's lovely.

Hi. Our search engine is down unfortunately or I could point you right to a full cite.  But I looked it up in our db.  It's the November page of the Sports Illustrated 1983 Swimsuit Calendar.  ISBN 0-316-98799-9.  Pages in the wall calendar are 15"x15".  Kim is also on the front cover. 

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