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Matt Tuck

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hahah cant tell you love matt :o bullet for my valentine is my 2nd fav band :D

awww wicked!!! have u seen his gf on Myspace?? i cant believe hes going out with her <_< he deserves better...like me! :evil: whats ur fave track by them? PS cant wait till september for their 2nd album!!!

i first thought his last name was valentine haha

but BFMV is awesome

Wooooo yeh!!! Bullet forever! lol valentine wud be a cool surname :laugh: ur fave track??

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well it depends on my mood but hand of blood has always been my favorite, the lyrics just get to me. their record is going to be wikked cool! whats his gfs myspace?

Great choice, thats the first song of theirs i heard and since I've been hooked. I had the good fortune to see them in newport at the end of january this year, they played their songs from their new album 'scream aim and fire' :D was amazing! I was in the first row and got stuck in a really bad mosh pit :ninja: PS his gf she deleted her myspace i think. Have u got their new album?

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