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Spice Girls

The Joker

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The Spice Girls are a Brit Award winning English all-female pop group. They formed in 1993 in London and embraced merchandising and helped to introduce the term Girl Power into popular discourse. After releasing their debut single, "Wannabe", in 1996, the group became a pop phenomenon.

Selling in excess of 53 million records, they are one of the most commercially successful female groups of all time. They released three studio albums and ten singles and starred in the film Spiceworld, which grossed $75 million (US) globally at the box office. The Spice Girls are cited as one of the most influential and successful girl bands of all time.

bio credited to wikipedia

The only band that i consider a real girl band. Love every single one of them (not you, Victoria). I dont think we'll have another girl band that can possibly be greater than Spice Girls. They can actually sing, isnt that amazing ??!! However, i'd prefer the band with Geri.

Sadly, kids tend to be PCD's type these days... which is a disaster !!!




The Spice Girls

height 28'1" (combined)

weight 750 lb. (combined)

age 119 (combined)

weakness A Zig-a-zig ah.


move Girl Power

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i had all their posters too.. :yes: ...the spice girls were so fierce and fabulous :yes: oh my god. They are legends and i still listen to their music its so good for working out :yes: its gets me so amped! :yes:

i feel bad for the kids who missed out on them they were just the best. :yes:

and of course my fav is posh beckham. haha :shock:

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Haha. My favorite was Baby Spice. I used to buy the dolls all the time. I even bought Spice Girls school supplies, the movie, their cds, and my favorite thing of all, a Spice Girls bike! It was so cool!

Emma rox the Spice Girls.

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From what i've heard the Spice Girls has never stated that they've splited, the band is still alive (yes, til now). In 2002 (or 3), the band wanted to record a new album reminding ppl the existence of Spice Girl but Mel.C rejected since her career (at that time) was over the top as a rock singer.

I love them soooo much :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

:cry: :cry: :cry:

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