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  1. Hi, can anyone please ID the last model that appears (at 23 secs all the way to the end) in this commercial? Thanks!
  2. She is cute but WAY too skinny. In that last set of picts with Adriana and Lily her legs look plain bad imo. She needs to put on some weight, I get VS models need to be thin (ie. Adriana) but she is at a point where it is not attractive anymore and her body has no curves or definition whatsoever.
  3. Wow! The last one. What a body! Oh my god! I agree, her body is absolutely insane! Catrinel is a goddess, perfect beauty from hair to toe.
  4. Wow she looks quite different there!
  5. Imo it would if it were any other model but Catrinel is so amazing that she actually CAN pull of photoshots like that without looking vulgar or "slutty". That's one of the things I love the most about her, she can manage to do both the whole classy/sophisticated style and also the "down and dirty" style in such an elegant and natural way.
  6. That she is, hands down the most beautiful model there is imo. Absolutely stunning and perfect from hair to toe. Thanks for all the picts!
  7. I came across these picts from a set from the "Passage Of Dreams By Triumph Show During Audi Fashion Festival Singapore 2011", you can see more picts in this link: http://avaxnews.com/fact/Triumph_show_duri...apore_2011.html Just wondering if any of you guys knows who these six girls are? I think, but I am not sure that the girl from pict 1 and 2 is the same and that the same goes for the girl in picts 5 and 6, but I may be wrong. Can anyone please help ID them? I added a number to each pict. Thanks!
  8. Miranda blows Adriana out of the water imo.
  9. Catrinel is untouchable in my opinion, easily my favorite model.
  10. Ah, so that's her? Thanks! She looks very nice in that pict. Too bad she went for the fake blonde now
  11. Can anyone please help ID this model? Thanks!
  12. salival

    Two Models

    Hi...anyone knows the name of these two models? Thanks!
  13. I just can't get over how mesmerizing and breathtaking Catrinel is...just stunning. The crème of the crème.
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