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I used to be really big into Express, but these last two years I haven't really been too fond of anything they've made.

I'm a very ecclectic shopper. Thrift stores will have some really neat stuff, random places at the mall, gadzooks has really cute tee's and so does hot topic.

If i had to pick one store that really sort of represents my clothing style it would probably be Charlotte Russe... I love their stuff!

Bought the cutest, tiniest black corduroy miniskirt from there the other day. Sooo cute. :)

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Well, I don't usually shop VS for clothes :whistle:

But I have a VS gold card if that's any implication of how often I shop there :laugh:

I love that place.

I'm royally addicted to H&M and Mango, but, but they don't have any here :cry: :cry:

Well, there's an H&M in DC, but that's the only one in the whole country that's complete. There's I think a ladies H&M in NY too, but I'm not positive.

I really, really, really miss Mango though. And Zara...they had nice stuff occasionally, if you like the really preppy look. Lol

I'm going to DC later this year though, so I have big plans to spend a ridiculous amount of money at H&M.


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Guest Lullaby

I don't see the point in shopping at places like that. It's too expensive.

:heart: Walmart.

The only place I go that's not Walmart is Target and Hot Topic (the only place I can ever find band shirts).

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