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Amanda Deane

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Amanda is an Australian international model that started out as a popular Dolly cover girl and favorite of photographer Graham Shearer, then branched out into international work. She sported a platinum blond boycut that really made her stand out. Unfortunately I couldn't find any additional info about her.

May 1989


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Amanda & Michelle
Just Velvet
Dolly (Australia)
May 1986
Photographer: Graham Shearer

On the Glossy Sheen blog Amanda herself commented on this editorial- her very first!
"Wow my first shoot ever! I had no clue what I was doing. Graham Shearer was so sweet and great to work with. Michelle was lovely too."
- Amanda on @glossysheen

1673419096_JustVelvetDollyMay1986AmandaMichelle(1).thumb.jpeg.b408bc02fbc10ff3ee885445e1cb6102.jpeg 1775147871_JustVelvetDollyMay1986AmandaMichelle(2).thumb.jpeg.4405de73604d6e25ef3cfb2216280ec7.jpeg 266468772_JustVelvetDollyMay1986AmandaMichelle(3).thumb.jpeg.12d1a8a4eb73791219de3ae1273b968d.jpeg 1874529016_JustVelvetDollyMay1986AmandaMichelle(4).thumb.jpeg.c444eba15ae62155d48de1a40d995d88.jpeg
1510600931_JustVelvetDollyMay1986AmandaMichelle(5).thumb.jpeg.64b27909ce594e69dc86e17f6f0dd86a.jpeg 2100139037_JustVelvetDollyMay1986AmandaMichelle(6).thumb.jpeg.581c5ce05ba794cbcafd3b940e3cd600.jpeg

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I found Amanda's last name Yay!!! Amanda Deane! :wub:  I wish I could add all this info I found to her bio!!

Links about Amanda Deane:

From 1986 - now
Ursula's Model Management/Chadwick's Models/Artist & Entertainment.
Magazine, catalogue & advertising stills, covers and catwalk including magazines such as Dolly, Sassy, Cosmopolitan, Italian Vogue, Cleo, Girlfriend, Avon, McDonald's, Sprite, Jay Jay's Jeans and hundred's more!

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