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Elizabeth Pariente is an international fashion model from Mexico that worked professionally in the 80s & 90s and was represented by Pauline's (New York). 

"Over the last few years, Mexico has been consolidating itself as a country of importance within the world of fashion, not only in the creation of it, but also in the area of modeling. According to Glenda Reyna, director of the Glenda modeling agency, it was from the 1980s that the modeling profession began to gain importance and seriousness in Mexico. "During the 70s there were models of great importance, such as Lupita Konishi, Tania García Lambarri and Ana Elías, among others. However, it is from the 80s that modeling in Mexico began to be given the importance that he deserves when García Lambarri joins fellow model Aníbal Gánem to form the Aníbal y Tania agency. "Of course, there were also other agencies, such as Anita Aguilar, the Bustos sisters and Carlos Jiménez, but these were basically dedicated to modeling for advertising, not fashion," says the former model. Once the Aníbal y Tania agency opens its doors, the internationalization of Mexican models begins, as in the case of Jacqueline de la Vega, who, supported by said agency, becomes one of the models that to date has enjoyed more recognition. in the old continent. She was joined by other renowned girls such as Wendy de los Cobos, Mayra Rojas and Isabel Laris. In view of the growing field of work that was opening up for aspiring models, more young people began to join the self-sacrificing profession. It is in these years that an important group of models began to form that, represented by Aníbal and Tania, dominated catwalks, catalogs, and editorials of the time. Among this representative group were figures such as Glenda Reyna, Jacqueline Kocher, Elizabeth Pariente, Tania Campero, Adriana Ceballos, Norma Antunez, Ana Margara Rodriquez, Ana Luisa Leyva, Tony Perez Pliego, Monica Alcalde, Karina de la Torre and Rene Fraga, among others."
-Excerpt from vlexmexico "Mexican Talent" May 6,2000: https://reforma.vlex.com.mx/vid/talento-mexicano-80962925

Additional Links about Elizabeth:

Height: 5'8.5" (1.74)
Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Mexican

From Peter Marlow Composites:



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