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Lisa Hollenbeck is an international fashion model and 1983 Elite Look of the Year contest winner that was represented by Elite (New York) and L'agency (Paris) throughout the 80s.


"ACAPULCO, Mexico -- A 15-year-old girl from Missouri won a $200,000, two-year modeling contract in a competition attracting 71 hopefuls from around the world. First-place winner in the Look of the Year contest was Lisa Hollenbeck, 15, of St. Peters, Mo. She was awarded the contract with Elite Models of New York, which sponsored Saturday night's competition. Placing second was Susanna Larsson, 15, of Stockholm, Sweden, who won a $150,000 contract, and Hunter Reno, 15, of Miami, Fla., who walked away with a $100,000 contract.

Elite president John Casablancas said the dollar amounts were only minimums, with each girl able to earn considerably more. Among the judges for the contest, which was taped for broadcast by the Mexican television network Televisa, were singers Julio Iglesias and Rod Stewart. Of the 71 entrants, 31 were from the United States. American girls were chosen to compete in Acapulco after regional elimination rounds. Contestants from the rest of the world were picked on the basis of photographs submitted to leading fashion magazines."
- Excerpt from UPI Archiveshttps://www.upi.com/Archives/1983/11/21/A-15-year-old-girl-from-Missouri-won-a-200000-two-year/5060438238800/

Height: 5'9" (1.75)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: American

From Peter Marlow Composites:

LHComposite1.JPG  LHComposite.JPG  LHComposite2.JPG   LHComposite3.JPG   LHComposite4.JPG

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