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i always called him abercrombie and fitch even before i knew he really made their advertisings. everytime i hear his name i always imagine "sexy" kids living in orange county who all copy cat each other, leaving/runing out of the water in the waves in slow motion with their wet bodies on the song "sex on fire" of kings of leon. :whistle:

that's so baywatch (the other nickname i give him). as glamorous, personal, natural and creative.

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Versace unveiled its Fall/Winter 2016 campaign, shot by Bruce Weber. The photographer responsible for some of Versace’s most iconic images return to the famed fashion brand for the first time since 1999.













The large cast of men features real-world discoveries such as a bodyguard, a singer and dancers, as well as models Trevor Signorino, Charlie Kennedy and Marcus Watts.

Weber first worked with Donatella Versace on his debut Versace campaign in 1990. Together, they have created images that transcend advertising to define milestones in fashion history and popular culture.

“Bruce Weber is the true master of our times. His photography is deeply personal and rich, a reflection of the world as he sees it. It has been my pleasure to enter once again into that world for this Versace campaign. With this new campaign, Bruce gave me my history back”.

—Donatella Versace.

Bruce Weber said, “When I first spoke with Donatella about going to Chicago she said, simply, – yes, let’s pack up and go! – Donatella has always been an adventurer and not only does she treat me like a prince, she treats me like family – and the feeling is mutual. The most important thing to me, after all these years, is that we can still laugh together”.




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