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  1. Are you believe on dreams ? What do you think its Just all what we think , or wish all day or its true sometime ? I wanted to know your views !
  2. A cell phone question ... I know that while you driving its not allowed to use your cell phone. Because with this you are not care too much in driving. I want to know that who were more careless ? Male or female Its a survey , nothing to hurt anyone.
  3. Now I started this thread to know what is your favorite food and why ? I hope this will not start by someone already. Okay if you are in home alone and you are hungry then what do you ? Just visit your near hotel or make a chance to cook yourself. How much you best in cooking ? (For males and Females)
  4. I hope its the 1st time here. I mean no one started this thread before. Anyway I want to know that is this ever in your life that you were not sleep for 1 week or the longest period of your time without sleep !
  5. As many of you know that Bill gates is not more who handle microsoft now. If you look around there you see many other OS like Apple - MAC , Linux and Unix type ! Anyway I wanted to know that today Ubuntu - Linux is much popular in youngster.. Also the g-OS also completing its test task. So where did you see microsoft after 10 years later ? Because UBuntu Linux is also a friendly but not easy like Windows ! still in process....
  6. Over rays

    Carla Gugino

    I would love to share some of her snaps. I'm sure you like on that snaps. Thank you and please add some comments
  7. Over rays

    Kate Walsh

    She is very white and wearing the white dresses usually and she is look like angle in her most pictures. thanks for sharing
  8. She used so many makeup on her face in many snaps. Look like she advertise some paris brand lol anyway nice snaps. thanks for it
  9. It seems she believe that she become more pretty in black pictues with no colours or maybe her fans like it and make that for her
  10. Oh She is the favorite james bond girl ? her face is very beautiful and attract me to make a friendship with her.
  11. Her face is suites for vampire type movies. There is nothing special on her just big boo** and beautiful figure. Or maybe this is because of her hair style make her so bad.
  12. Oh I love her. Anyway What is inside that picture who is arrow with her hands ? Is this some kind of problem or just because of cut some her beautiful hairs
  13. Is she belongs to india ? because her face is look like asian. Not much pretty as it seem. Its because of her make. Anyway I did not watch her any drama where is played role
  14. She is soo pretty and her face is very healthy like russian girls. Thanks for sharing those beautiful and sexy snaps with us.
  15. She is Just fine. No much beautiful. She is a aunty for me. Its because of her eyes colours make her too old
  16. Thank you for the pictures. hey Guys some of you have her bikni style ? If you have please share it also here. Thanks in advance
  17. I just love her legs only. So sexy. The more thing about her is she wearing very beautiful dresses. Her choice is really excellent
  18. Over rays

    Eva Mendes

    Oh God she is soo sexy . Look the 1st picture where she join some show. Inside her coat you clearly look her figure. Big b***
  19. You know ? Inside google you cannot search any image of him why ? Just go there and type Giorgos Manikas and search. Only 1 page exist and still no picture
  20. Yes same here more please. His body is very attractive and sexy. Oh Good look it him. So beautiful
  21. Some of his images hope you like it
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