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  1. ßengü

    Elcin Sangu

    InStyle June Photographer: Deniz Özgün
  2. ßengü

    Neslihan Atagül

    Marie Claire June photographer: Cihan Alpgiray
  3. ßengü

    Meryem Uzerli

    at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes 05/13/2018
  4. ßengü

    Meryem Uzerli

    PLACE TO B Pre Berlinale Dinner, 68th Berlin Film Festival 02/13/2018
  5. ßengü

    Mehmet Günsur

  6. ßengü

    Kubilay Aka

  7. ßengü

    Kubilay Aka

    Kubilay Aka was born in 1995 in Istanbul. He is an actor, known for Çukur (2017), Arif v 216 (2018) and Vatanim Sensin (2016).
  8. ßengü

    İbrahim Çelikkol

    Ibrahim Celikkol is an actor, known for Fetih 1453 (2012), Sadece Sen (2014) and Black and White Love (2017).
  9. ßengü

    Buğra Gülsoy

    Bugra Gulsoy Is a TurkIsh actor, director, and screenwriter. Gulsoy was born on February 22, 1982, In Ankara where he spent his childhood and attended primary and middle school. In the year 2000, he headed to Cyprus to study architecture at the Eastern MedItteranean UnIversIty. WhIle his first stage experience was at the age of 13, Gulsoy's acting career began when he appeared In the Eugene Ionesco play, 'ExIt the KIng', under the 'Open Theatre', In Cyprus. After graduating from school as an architect, he continued to live In Cyprus, because of his duties at the 'Cyprus NatIonal Theatre'. In the meantime, Gulsoy acted on his Interests In writing and directing as he went behind the camera for his two experimental films. These films, 'Insan: Uçleme (Human:TrIlogy)' - which was created out of still photographs and In which Gulsoy himself appeared- and 'Tepetaklak (UpsIde Down)' won multiple awards at national and InternatIonal film festivals. At 2007, after studying MovIe ProductIon under the 'UnIted NatIons Development Project (UNDP)', Gulsoy's first fictional film, 'Mutlu Son (Happy End)', which he directed and starred In, got second place In the competition held by the UNDP. Bugra Gulsoy Is also one of the founders of the 'Cyprus FIlm AssocIatIon' and acts as Project DesIgner at the 'Cyprus InternatIonal Short FIlm FestIval'. In 2008, Gulsoy moved to Istanbul In order to shoot his first TV show which appeared on Kanal D, 'HepImIz BIrImIz IçIn'. After his success on the show, Gulsoy appeared In many more successful TV shows such as, 'Unutulmaz', 'Fatmagul'un Suçu Ne?', 'Kuzey Guney', 'EskI HIkaye', 'Bana ArtIk HIcran De', and 'Ask YenIden'. HIs performances In the InternatIonally watched TV hits; 'Fatmagul'un Suçu Ne?', and 'Kuzey Guney' brought him fame on a global level, especially In Turkey and the MIddle Eastern region. AlongsIde his TV projects, Gulsoy stepped Into the big screen and took on the role of 'Berat' In the Mahsun KIrmIzIgul movie, 'GunesI Gordum'. The characters Gulsoy portrayed In his movies have always been very different from one another, as well as prominent ones. In 2011, after teaming up with director DervIs ZaIm In the movie 'Golgeler vie Suretler', Gulsoy got even more recognition for his role of 'CumalI' In the 'AltIn Portakal FIlm FestIval' award winning movie 'Guzel Gunler GorecegIz', under the direction of Hasan Tolga Pulat. Later, In 2015, Gulsoy was cast as the lead, In the TV show, 'Ask YenIden', a romantic comedy, and with his success In It, he grabbed a lot of attention from a wide range of audiences. FollowIng this project, Gulsoy showcased his success In comedic acting once more when he shared the lead with actor Gupse Ozay, In the high grossing hit comedy movie, 'Gorumce'. WhIle continuing his acting career full throttle, Gulsoy got together with Serhat Teoman and Emre Erkan to form 'GET', a movie and theatre production company. Gulsoy's play about crime and criminal psychology and serial killers, 'PRAGMA', which he wrote and directed, gained a lot of recognition and was played sold out In the 2012-2013 season. In 2016, Gulsoy and Serhat Teoman shared the directors' seat In the 'GET' produced movie, 'Mahalle', In which Bugra Gulsoy also stars as 'SabrI'. The movie premiered In the '36th InternatIonal Istanbul FIlm FestIval'.
  10. ßengü

    Boran Kuzum

  11. ßengü

    Boran Kuzum

    Boran Kuzum was born on October 1, 1992 in Ankara, Turkey. He is an actor, known for Cingöz Recai (2017), Vatanim Sensin (2016) and Analar ve Anneler (2015).
  12. ßengü

    Barış Arduç

    Turkish television and film actor and director. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador by Life Without Cancer Society at Turkey. Baris Arduç was born in Switzerland, 9 October 1987. At age of 8 years old, Arduç together with his family moved to Istanbul, Turkey at 1995. Arduç was born to father Erol Arduç and mother Gülay Arduç. He has an older brother Onur Arduç and a younger brother Mert Arduç, and one sister. He started his career as TV series and film actor in 2011. The first one was "First Little Lady" ("Küçük Hanimefendi"). At June 2015 he got a starring role in the Turkish TV series "Rental Love" ("Kiralik Ask").
  13. ßengü

    Elcin Sangu

  14. ßengü

    Elcin Sangu

  15. ßengü

    Büsra Develi