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Donna Peele is an 80s/90s model, represented by Karins, Paris.


She was previously married to Charlie Sheen."The two met in New York during the shoot of an advertising campaign for a cigarette brand in July 1995. The attraction was instant and the two started dating immediately...Charlie and Donna got married on September 3, 1995, merely six weeks after their first meeting,” which is pretty in line with the rest of his whirlwind life. Peele was quite young at this point and gave people a lot to look at. Not only was she a popular model at the time, but she was with one of the biggest stars (back in the day). Their romance was textbook, whirlwind, and dramatic. Not only did the two of them come together in a way that was appropriate for two young stars, but the ensuing romance ended in a very similar fashion.


The divorce came hard and fast, and it’s no surprise that the two of them have never really been seen in the same place since. Apparently, “a mere six months after the wedding, Sheen filed for divorce on November 19, 1996. He reportedly said that the marriage was suffocating and that he had to come up for air. He also compared his marriage to Donna to a car, and that if it is to break down, it is wise to just let it go.” Um, ouch! Poor Donna Peele. The fact that she was publicly compared to a broken down car is more than enough reason for her to disappear, in our opinion. While the divorce seems to come from Charlie Sheen, our gut says that Donna Peele probably had a similar desire for a divorce. After all, it takes two to sign the papers.


The truth is, there isn’t really anything to say about Donna Peele now. It’s disappointing that, instead of jumping into the limelight, she pulled back. She pulled back hard, in fact, and left the worlds of acting and modeling both behind. After the divorce, her work seemed to stall. Not that we blame her. To have a whirlwind romance with one of the most famous comedic actors, who then caused a huge divorce and dramatic split of the two of them, is no easy feat. Dealing with the madness that was that relationship is enough to exhaust anyone. Donna Peele didn’t come from a famous family, and fell into modeling fairly easily. The lack of drama in her life growing up didn’t prepare her for Hollywood. We believe that she left eagerly, after this negative experience in the limelight. This lines up with what we would do, after all. Especially after that very public comment made by Charlie Sheen regarding the likeness of their marriage to a car.


Born: January 1, 1970
           Orlando, Florida, USA


Height: 1.73
Bust: 86
Waist: 61
Hips: 89
Shoes: 39
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green




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VOGUE IT, Feb 1989
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

Vogue IT archive





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"folk da osare in citta'"
GRAZIA IT, 24 Jul 1988
Photographer: Robert Diadul

my scans




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