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Replying Problems


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When I hit the "fast reply" button nothing happens, and when I "add reply" I do not see any BB Code options (like Bold, Italics, Font, Smilie menu and "etc.) Also, I cannot 'qucik edit."

I tried deleting the cookies, but I still have the problems :(

I am only experiencing this problem on FF, not IE.


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I also use FF and I've got no problems. But if you use Fast Reply as often as I do, you can also change it in "My Control" >>> Board Settings >>> Posting Settings >>>> Open Fast Reply automatically when available?

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Actually it was somthing else...As i found out i had the same problem on another forum(which got me thinking ;) ) So it was obviously somthing to do with me. I downloaded an extention from firefox the other day which seems to giving me only grief!(ARAGH!) ..Can't even seem to be delete it :blink:

Anyways thanks for yr help guys! :)

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