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Fernando Gago


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Full name: Fernando Rubén Gago

Date of birth: April 10, 1986

Birthplace: Ciudadela, Argentina

Nickname: Pintita, Fer

Nationality: Argentinian

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Club: Real Madrid

Position: Defensive Midfielder [C]

He is an Argentine football midfielder, who plays for La Liga club Real Madrid.

Gago, who came from the youth divisions of Boca Juniors, made his professional debut with Boca in the 1–0 victory over Quilmes, on December 5, 2004 aged just seventeen. Despite his youth he quickly became an essential part of the Boca Juniors' midfield, and is considered a quality player, often compared with fellow countryman Fernando Redondo.



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Villarreal vs. Real Madrid

• Keepers: Casillas, Diego López, Casilla

• Defenders: Salgado, Sergio Ramos, Cannavaro, Raúl Bravo, Helguera, Pavón, Mejía, Miguel Torres

• Midfielders: Diarra, Gago, Robinho, Reyes, De la Red, Nieto

• Strikers: Van Nistelrooy, Higuaín

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1 – VILLARREAL: Viera, Josemi, Cygan, Fuentes, Jose Enrique; Senna, Josico, Marcos, Cani (Tacchinardi 86’); Matías Fernández (Guille Franco 75’) and Forlán (Tomasson 82’).

0 – REAL MADRID Casillas; Sergio Ramos, Helguera, Cannavaro, Torres; Reyes (De la Red 65´), Diarra, Gago (Nieto 80’), Robinho; Higuaín and Van Nistelrooy.


1-0, 67': Marcos crosses a ball into the back of Casillas' goal.

REFEREE: Clos Gómez. Booked Ramos (34´), Cai (82’) and Senna (92’).

HIGHLIGHTS: Matchday 20 of the Spanish League. Venue: El Madrigal. Attendance: 23,000.

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Gago injured

The Argentine suffers from a strain on his left leg's hamstring muscles

Fernando Gago felt some pain on his left leg during the second half of the match and was replaced by youth system player Nieto in order to avoid getting seriously injured. According to a preliminary medical assesment, Gago suffers from a strain on his left leg's hamstring muscles. The player will rest until Real Madrid return to training on Tuesday.

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"I've got a long way to go before I'm who I want to be"

Fernando Gago has become a mainstay in Fabio Capello's lineups, but he isn't sure if he'll recover from his strained hamstring in time for Sunday's match. What he does have clear is that he's got a lot left before being the player he wants to be.

How's your injury? Will you be ready by Sunday?

That's the idea, but there's no rush. I'm working daily to get better.

Now that you've been here a while, what do you think about Spanish football?

It's a little faster because the fields are usually wet, but the match experience is the same. We have to win, always.

Are you already in top form, or are you still adapting?

I've got a long way to go, but I'm catching on little by little.

Were you injured by playing too much?

It's only a strain. I'm not worried.

Your thoughts on Ronaldo leaving?

We didn't have a lot of time together. He's a great player, but those are decisions made by the Club and the individual.

Why is the team having trouble scoring?

We are working hard in order to create chances. We will always try to do our best. Our opponents make it hard. There are matches that we create a lot of chances but don't score any, and vice versa.

Did you anticipate a Club with problems like the ones it's currently having?

I knew it would be a competitive Club. Anything that happens is talked about. It's one of the best Clubs in the world. None of what's going on affects me.

Cruyff has said that what goes on at a Club level is reflected on the pitch.

I don't think it has any effect. This is a tough time right now, but on the pitch it's the players who have to do the best job possible.

How do you feel about the press labeling you as the team saviour?

Those who know me know what I can contribute. I have to prove why I came here from one Sunday to the next.

Barcelona aren't playing at the top of their game either.

All that matters to me is that Madrid play well and win on Sunday.

Do you think Beckham will return to the lineup?

That's the coach's call. He decides who of the group will play.

Would you suggest to Saviola that he join Real Madrid?

I would love it if he could come here because he is an extraordinary player and Argentine. It may or may not happen.

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Gago Invites Saviola To Madrid

Real Madrid's Fernando Gago has said that it would be "wonderful" if compatriot Javier Saviola were to land up at the Bernabeu.

"If there were to be a chance that he could come to Real Madrid, I would be very pleased, because he is an extraordinary player, and an Argentine," said Gago.

"It would really be wonderful is Saviola were to be a part of this team."

Saviola is currently waiting for a contract offer from Barcelona, though the Catalan giants are in no hurry. They are also likely to ask him to take a pay-cut in order to continue at the Camp Nou.

"It has also come to the fore that Juventus have already tabled a superior offer, particularly with coach Didier Deschamps - who coached him at Monaco - keen on him.

The Argentine has also admitted to some contact on the part of Real Madrid, though the Merengues are yet to comment on that.

Sevilla and Atletico Madrid are other Spanish clubs in line for the services of the diminutive forward - who will be available for free in the summer.

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Gago urges Barcelona's Saviola to join Real Madrid

Fernando Gago has urged good friend Javier Saviola to join him at Real Madrid next season.

In-form Barcelona striker Javier Saviola is off contract in June and admitted this week he would not reject an approach from Real should they come knocking.

"I would be very happy if he came to Real Madrid," admitted Gago. "He's an extraordinary player."

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