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AguaBendita 2019 Miami Swim Week


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In this fashion show 18 models.  Not shown 5: Ivany Guzman, Zandria Theis, Amanda Piccizoni and the sisters Schroder.

Many of the 13 models I can´t ID. The strong make-up makes it more difficult, but for sure there are also models that I have never seen before.

1. Manuela Alvarez AguaB2019-1.thumb.JPG.c9f03a8a640bcd994586fdf15f63a85a.JPG


2. ??AguaB2019-2.thumb.JPG.e8b6b7d055fb7349d7ddc60647a5a04a.JPG




4 ??AguaB2019-4.thumb.JPG.405ea42eb3e212236f389bf7404661c9.JPG


5 Ajahnoe Baker ? AguaB2019-7.thumb.JPG.9b484f17b8fcded2429d353d2e13f0cf.JPG


6. Kaylin b AguaB2019-8.thumb.JPG.11637ed4f5f7903a671f735cc0adad91.JPG


7. ??AguaB2019-9.thumb.JPG.a57c99fb602b9635f8b77e3a6ada5821.JPG


8. ?? AguaB2019-11.thumb.JPG.2b493f59c7335ba7e74238154ef32a1e.JPG


9. Jamee Byrd AguaB2019-12.thumb.JPG.9d9d1958d76a3b50f84a4d10dc6faa2d.JPG


10. ??AguaB2019-13.thumb.JPG.a17d5fb1801246bd7d5964cd1b9fc677.JPG


11 ??AguaB2019-14.thumb.JPG.584b4840505c1e2210b6dff9d7a69bce.JPG



13 ??AguaB2019-18.thumb.JPG.eaf887929b401573452337e71da456cd.JPG

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This helps a lot, ladies. Thank you very much. Even 2 models new for me (Emily Caro & Vero Contreras) I am happy to know  especially the 2 frizzies.

I mean kailin.b  That's her Instagram, where you also can find the picture of her in this show.

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On 6/9/2020 at 11:21 AM, mamamama said:






name   please!!!


On 6/9/2020 at 12:07 PM, kimflorida said:




1. Julia Joseph

2. Autumn Holley

3. Sarah Barnes


But I don't think theses are from the same show as those in opening post???


For future reference, these are from Caffe Swimwear 2015. Another Bellazon member just asked about two of these models again. He/She/They would have been able to find the IDs on their own if the images had been TAGGED CORRECTLY in THEIR OWN TOPIC!! :rolleyes: :girlbanghead:

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