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kate moss if it is some alternative band...

and the reason: well kate can sell anything, and she made a few gorgeous and amazing videos, for primal scream,johnny cash,and the greates one 'i just don't know what to do..'

ana beatriz if it is some popular song/band.. cos she is just gorgeous and has perfect face, great body, and she is exotic... she would we great for some boyband video, or some RNB video...

but i 'd also like to c her with a guitar... that could be very cool


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yeah, i would love to see Gisele and Ale in music video...something like a sexy pop song like Justin's...i'd like to see them lookin all sexy and flirty and just shakin their booty !!! :woot:

Caroline Trentini would be fitting for a love song :yes:

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It woudn't be highfahsion model for sure tho.. not for a music video.

But like a hot latina.. I love Ari but for some reason i don't see her there.. or ale.. i think i'd say Ana becouse she's like more the 'keeping it real' kind of girl she's just a cool person and gorgeous... She can be the "homie" or the "boo" , know what i'm sayin ;) hehe

There's just something really fresh about her appearance.

That's the reason i love Ana..besides her smashing looks.

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