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  1. {name}


    *salutes* Tom Brady, i salute you sir.
  2. {name}

    Izabel Goulart

    i want to go.... oooo...i could mail myself..now there's a thought....
  3. {name}


    oh man....now don´t tell me she´s not like a QUEEN *bows* i'm so not worthy!
  4. {name}

    Beauty and the Beast

    I Can't for the absolute life of me see why Kate loves pete doherty so much....i know women like their bad boys but come on! he's not even a good looking bad boy! i had the "pleasure" of seeing him when he was at the Coventry Colleseum (i went for a friend, i'm not really a fan of babyshambles) the guys was a complete a*hole!
  5. {name}

    How many Languages can you speak?

    I speak...English (mother tongue), Brazilian Portuguese, quite fluent in Spanish, a little Japanese and bits of German not much mind you.
  6. Ok guys and girls, picture this.... you're the director of the hottest new music video - but you have to pick a leading lady of course... which babe/model/actress would you pick and why?
  7. {name}

    Izabel Goulart

    Nooooo!!! surely not...i can't choose!....*drops to knees* nooooooooo!
  8. Hey people! Just thought i'd say hi! everyone seems so nice round here so i thought i'd join up I LOVE ADRIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!