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Manon Von Gerkan

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Manon Von Gerkan

why we like her?

With a stunning array of ad campaigns and runway appearances, Manon Von Gerkan has emerged as a top model and potentially, the love of our lives. Why wouldn't she be, with that angelic face and those killer thighs? To boot, she struts her stuff without the snobbiness of many other models and men everywhere have taken notice.

why is she famous?

Von Gerkan shows off a standard jet-setting supermodel resume, doing fashion shows for Donna Karan and Moschino, and advertising campaigns for L'Oral and Victoria's Secret. She has been featured in Vogue, Elle and Sports Illustrated as well. Of late, however, it is her relationship with urban magician David Blaine that has garnered the most attention.

overall rating

A supermodel's life is not all glitz and glamour. Many of the top beauties have to deal with scandals, relentless paparazzi and other shortfalls of fame. Manon Von Gerkan is one of those few that has consistently exhibited a cool character, proving that she was made for the public eye -- but we knew that already.


"It was the most physical thing I have ever done. I just planted one right smack in the middle of him. It's been so frustrating seeing David have all these things thrown at him over the last few days, it was a great moment to finally fire one back in the other direction." - Von Gerkan, on throwing an egg at one of boyfriend David Blaine's tormentors.


Though she won't reveal the date, Manon Von Gerken was born in 1972 in Hamburg, Germany. Father Meinhard was a well-to-do architect and this allowed for a comfortable upbringing for his daughter. She was able to rise up the social ladder and, by the time basic schooling was completed, Manon was well established. Settling in at a designer store called Pyrate Style, she entered the fashion industry initially as a maker of leather items.


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