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Bellazon College Crew: Post Your Classes

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if you knew me in high school it would be a different story.....that and math isnt my best subject but everything else i excel in...if it was up to my hs senior shakespeare class i should have become a shakespearean actor and my counsler had something against me....she screwed me over.

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i'm not in collge but i'm gonna post anyways




french-3'rd year

us history

AP language

I tutor in math, so let me know if you need help.


oh really? actually i do need help.we're doing these equations with square roots and i just don't get it :(

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Pyschology 118

Mcrsft Srvr 2003 Development and Support

Intro to Internet Programming

Adv. Switching and Routing II (Cisco)

Well if anybody needs my help, I am good with hardware stuff. Also Im good at proofreading, I dunno why but I catch alotta stuff some people don't so if you gotta paper and you want somebody to proof read it I like reading so no problem.

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Year II / Spring

LAW 232 Law of Obligations-General Provisions II

LAW 242 Administrative Law II

LAW 252 Criminal Law -General Provisions II

LAW 261 History of Turkish Law

LAW 272 Public International Law II

LAW 230 Criminology

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