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Alive & kicking


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Hey everyone,

some of you might remember me from the short time I was up here. When I just started having fun with the Capt Snow fanclub, stupid stuff prevented me from getting back here (a broken down computer for one.) But now, I've made enough dough to get my own laptop, and I'm sure I can post bits in between my school stuff.

For all of you who were too bored to read my explination: I'm back and there's nothing you can do about it (unless the mods ban me ;) )

So, who am I? Well, for those interested, read the following. For those who aren't: well, turn the page ;)

I'm an 18 year old, dutch girl. I'm a big yapper. Prolly a bit weird too. I like to kick ass (hence the topic name) as I do martial arts. I've become interested in the modeling world after I started reading more mags and saw Adriana Lima in a maybelline commercial. Though this might make me sound like a lesbian, I'm not (not like that matters, but just to put things straight right from the beginning.) For an instance, I also really like (for example) Eugen Bauder. Just to name one *drool*

Oh yeah, my looks: well very avarage. I've colored my hair dark brown now, (used to be blonde) and I've got green/blue/grey eyes (I dunno really, I just listen to what other ppl say.)

Anyway: Hiya to those who don't know me and Hi nice to see ya again to those who do.

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Hey Expresso :wave:

You are new to me, so a warm welcome :D Like your introduction!

And it hasn't to do anything with being lesbian, I think. Here are hundreds of girls who adore, love female models - I do so as well :shifty: But that's another story :ninja:

I don't like Adriana Lima (just to make the lines clear) b/c I don't see the big deal about her BUT I'm sure you'll find some other models attractive/ beautiful / etc. as well so we'll have something to chat about ;)

So, see you in all the areas here :hug:

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys! *big smile* And yup, I'm really Dutch. Haven't got the looks of Doutzen Kroes, though ;)

And nope, Adriana isn't the only model I like (that would be boring; even cave people know who she is ;) ) There are so many who are gorgeous. But I guess you'll find out when you see me posting in their threads as I am too lazy to put my top ten list up. :p

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