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Esti Ginzburg

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De Ja Vu: Esti Ginzburg Sports Illustrated returns! :gocho:
Who took over our TV screen last meeting with the fly magazine to discuss another bikini photo session starring . That is all worth the wait for summer
After she telling the solemn 50th anniversary of the swimsuit magazine " Sports Illustrated " will star Esti Ginzburg sexy magazine again .

Next week will cost Ginsburg flying to the U.S. , where will meet with the magazine and if all goes as planned, after three years of magazine photographed is not expected to return to star in the pages .

This is a significant step in the career of Ginsburg and Advertising restore it headlines around the world.
When you're done with the business stage is become vacant feel the spirit of Christmas and spending time with her ​​husband Adi Keizman Shiitlooh her.
But until that will happen , get a taste of her recent bikini photographs , to open your appetite.

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Esti Ginzburg: "reviews do not affect me"
Since then placed in prime time, Esti Ginzburg became a target to criticize - but it turns out it does not really move her:

"Tomorrow will another story." Meanwhile she continues to model swimwear,

and honestly answer the question if she was able to withstand the pressure Lowys were mentioned talent show ...

Nine years ago has been Esti Ginzburg as the next big thing in the modeling world domestic skies , and soon made ​​herself a resume in Israel and abroad who live content shaming four models retired.

Caught the Ginzburg its home turf , on the set collection available summer 2014 swimwear company Go Under , on a typical winter heat wave in 2013 , just before the rain came to the center.
Last year of the 23 -year-old Ginsburg had a busy life: a wedding, a role guidance in the " next star " Lego modeling contract renewal Ender and luxurious Instagram account opening .

Has it we get to see Ginsberg at high doses , but we have no problem with that.

"I'm not good enough instructions and Poetry " (Photo: Rafi Daloya )
Since it began to function alongside a sidekick ASI in prime time helped non womb of Channel 2 ,

it has become an easy target of talkback and visitors , not something Esti not used it since burst into our lives when she was only 14 .

So what does she think the reviews ? Who his visitor is the most listened to ? Is it built to pressures of reality TV talent herself?

What does she think of herself as a facilitator ? Opinion about the affair Eyal Golan cast a huge shadow over the program ? And with her ​​music career ?



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Not sure about the SI thing being true, it was confirmed already by MJ Day (editor of the magazine) that they are done shooting already and none of the girls looked like Esti

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Severe family conflict between the architect Eric Ginsburg,

the father of model Esti Ginzburg, and the model herself and her husband,

businessman Adi Keizman deteriorated lawsuit filed by the father against his daughter and son in law to cancel the agreement to purchase the house,

claiming that he was paid a monetary purchase. Eric Ginsburg is the architect who built the "Orange House" rejoiced in Tel Aviv, where they currently reside.


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