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Esti Ginzburg

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the interview translate (by google)

B"shmuot hosted model " and related audits and public opinion . " Age is merely a number ," said the age gap between her and her husband. "There are evil people , but I am not relating " , referring to criticisms of the next Star functioning . " On Bar Refaeli: " I love it "
Model , actress Esti Ginzburg serving B"shmuot hosted "by Zahi floor , revealing her secret thoughts and opinions on various topics . Ginsburg explained what floor she does not care what people think about her weight , her opinion about Bar Refaeli , how she deals with professional reviews and what age gap between her and her husband not relevant.

" Those who really know me it does not get into it the thought that it is not noticeable. It's just a number ," Ginsburg explained why it does not matter that her husband , Adi Keizman , 41 and is only 23 years old . "People are looking at the dry statistics and it is not working out for them. Ask why about anything that deviates from the norm ," she continued.

Later it referred to its weight preoccupation model and claimed that she did not care what people think about her looks. " Adi's opinion is only important to me ," he clarified . "If he tells me I look as good or better that's what is important , and if someone I do not know say ," argued explanation .

However, Ginsburg is not considered a typical model in terms of weight and body structure , and says she is happy that this situation. "I'm so glad I'm not in the place of overseas models that ponders loss ," she said . " Standard of the weight gets even a small and limited . Girls become more slim . I'm so glad I'm not there. 'm Where I am. "

So while Ginsburg declares that she's happy for her, but over the years, there were those who argued that it is prolonged competition with Bar Refaeli and that the two fight on the same place . When Ginsberg asked about it, she denies vehemently . " Between me and the bar does not have any competition ever. Always said how much I love her and respect her ," explained the model . " Bar successful and amazing in everything she does ," Ginsburg continued . " I'm the one who I am and there is no comparison ," she argued. "It 'll be something unintelligible made ​​us kind of competition . Comparison has to entertain me ," Ginsburg concluded the discussion .

Meanwhile, the comparison between the two models has become more acute in recent times due to the competition between the " X Factor " , hosted by Rafaeli , and the " next star " , hosted by Ginsburg . However, unlike Raphael Ginsberg had to face harsh reviews because of its performance on the screen. "There are a lot of panning . Finally I try not to pay attention , but some people are a little more vicious do it from a place of evil and from the building ," she said . "It motivates me and want to prove I can be good at it , because I can ."

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Stops the movement: Esti Ginzburg Adventure (ynet)
We were very happy experience Esti Ginzburg after returning from a visit to New York - although frozen but at least provided an escape from the business experienced unpleasant lately.

Just what is it pressed against when she was deep in conversation and crossed a road without looking. Where Bear Doberman when need it?

But before we really miss supermodel has been returned to Israel and we were able to catch it while running errands around town armed with black boots,

a black leather jacket and Luke general one that comes to you piss her off this winter (although we still recall with longing in our meeting with her a month ago,

then posed for swimwear and made us the happiest people).

What caught us fortuitous meeting with Esther that she was busy talking von crowded her so she did not notice she passes the road is not a crosswalk.

Esti, we love you too, so please pay attention next time.

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