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Heather Stewart Whyte

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No, still not working! Nightowl, could you come to the rescue, please? Advance thanks!


Here is one:




For any others you want, use that URL as a template, but:

--remove the B001P4ONTO

--go to the webpage of the new image you want. From its URL, extract the string of letters and numbers between the last "/" and the "?"

--paste it into the template in the same spot you removed the B001P4ONTO


Marks and Spencer is perverse.

You can say that again! Jesus, I thought I was going crazy! Thanks a lot, Nightowl!

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here's one. For the links below, you'll need to open each to see the full URL, since they are abbreviated in this reply.


open this link:



you want this: B001D9NMFM


open this link:





remove this part of it: B001P4ONTO


and replace it with this: B001D9NMFM


you get this:





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"Heather Stewart White wasn't Yannick Noah's wife when we did this picture in Ibiza ! I wanted for her kind of Elizabeth Taylor's look .Joy de Caumont was the fashion editor and we were both in love with this gorgeous Valentino dress . My friend Franco della Casa did the hairs with a real hair dresser's helmet at the hotel's hair dresser's shop . I remember him singing Figaro at 5 in the morning ! He was so happy to use this kind of stuff ! Thierry Mauduit did this thrilling make up ! One more thing to say . Heathers eyes are the most unbelieving eyes ever seen .A mist of green , yellow and grey with a very deep transparency ! We worked a lot together ! Tremendous model !! Print by Didier Léger @ Imaginoir" - Jacques Olivar




via Jacques' FB 

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