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32 minutes ago, Stormbringer said:


51 minutes ago, riprightyoyo said:



Anyone know which photoshoot is the one from 00:44 - 00:46 in the video? One of her best looks imho


Here's the BTS, the actual commercial seems to have been removed from youtube.



i did some gfys of them though


more in spoiler tag





she has another shoot for Guess dropping soonish

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I repost the videos because they are no longer available

in the sources that were posted in this thread


Swim Lingerie 2016 Campaign


[Short version 720p]




[Long version 720p]





38 for the 5,000


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On 1/6/2020 at 9:07 PM, Memento Mori said:




She says she's planning to take the GRE (for non-USians, that's the exam for graduate school, in replies she says for psychology).


I feel sorry for her.  Going for a useless degree in your late 20's past your prime child bearing years?  Pointless.  True happiness is from having a beautiful family.  I only wish we had started sooner.  Liz is getting old.

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