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On 11/28/2011 at 3:42 AM, nothingless said:

Finished a new set of UHQ scans!



HQs - Ana Beatriz Barros for Bebe Spring 2008


72o9wm.jpg 2Yzg6m.jpg vOpyxm.jpg ZL1D6m.jpg UoB3Im.jpg UKJNmm.jpg CnTJrm.jpg Oj1y4m.jpg tjcLkm.jpg lVKCim.jpg IowO0m.jpg bnEpBm.jpg OYeT3m.jpg 8HE9Pm.jpg k0pQ3m.jpg gKcV3m.jpg utlQjm.jpg e5hUXm.jpg mOL5um.jpg Y3ISkm.jpg TS6TGm.jpg fC6D6m.jpg V7XTgm.jpg

Scans by me, all are a minimum of 2,000 pixels in size. Feel free to use or repost anywhere, just please don't remove the tag! :smile:


Wonderful collection. I actually got a little excited when I saw these images, expecting a sexy gal modeling days. Concept, styling, creativity, fonts are all fantastic. They all look good!


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