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  1. Ph: Daniela Urzi The plot is quite funny, isn't it? 😆
  2. Iman 1984 Ph: Antonio Guccione
  3. MAX Italia - Year XII - N° 3 - March 1996 Ph: Antonio Guccione
  4. by the way... @ArianaVSCouture I don't mind more AWESOME runway pictures like the ones you have been posting week after week!!! It is crazy and I love to get mad!!! 😁
  5. ahahahah yesss, That was the first thought that came to my mind when I saw that pose! I was like OMG Valeria... you did that but you decided not to be published in the mag... many years later the photographer betrays her and... BOOM! ahahaha
  6. NUEVA (Argentina) - Año VIII - Nº 463 - 2000 May 28 (Outtake) Ph: Andy Cherniavsky
  7. D&G RTW F/W 1996 Thanks! @ArianaVSCouture very rare and beautiful pics!
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