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Lena Gercke



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i hope it've done poll (first time for me)

so what do you think

she won show "Germany's next top model" (host was Heidi Klum)

She's not well known and she's a model just less than a year, so not very much modelling

she was on the cover of Cosmopolitan (Germany)

the face of Oui Set Katalog

has a contract with Microsoft



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she's alright. but i don't think she will be our NEW topmodel cause i don't think that she will ever do High Fashion stuff. She's more like Adriana, Ale etc. - commercial, unspecial in their looks, not too unique. (no offense :p )

she might do vs :D

yeah, i've heard that, Heidi suggested her to VS

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i don't have the feeling that she means everything honest :idk: i mean she's gorgeous and great and everything, but i don't like her :(

but Heidi was just the host i think, wasn't it voting by SMS?

btw Heidi is my models' queen forever

lol^^ i hate castingshows, and i don't think that Germany's next topmodel will ever be a topmodel :rofl:

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why are you so cruel?

but actually if we talked about america's next model, it's third season now, but i don't know anything about the winners of past shows

i like Lena, for me she's just heavenly beautiful :wub: so clearly you know

i don't like that second girl at all though i'm glad she didn't win, her face is so i dunno how to say ... fat maybe

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Why am i cruel? :blink: i just don't think that any candidate of that type of castingshow will make it REALLY big (not vs...), and esp not Lena. She's ok, that's what i voted, but she hasn't high fashion quality as far as i concern.

maybe i'm wrong, but i don't think so ;)

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