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Valentino Rossi


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Valentino Rossi is the youngest rider ever to win the world title in all three classes. At the age of 22 years old, Valentino Rossi became the last true worldchampion of the 500cc and reached his goal of winning in the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc class. In 2002 Valentino Rossi was the first rider ever, at the young age of 23 years, to win the MotoGP class.

Valentino loves everything that goes fast, off-road, rally or road racing; he's a genius on wheels. As a kid Valentino spends lots of time into the paddock as his father, Graziano Rossi was a works rider. Valentino Rossi started his career on a minibike at the coastal resorts near his home, Tavullia. He switched to 125 Sport Production to win the Italian national title in his second attempt in 1994. In 1995 he was the youngest ever Italian 125cc champion, and third in the European championship. He moved to the GP's in 1996.

Valentino Rossi won his first grand prix at the grand prix of the Czech Republic in his debut-season. His second year in the 125cc was very successful. With 12 grand prix victories and only missing out on the podium twice all year Valentino Rossi became worldchampion for the first time. Valentino Rossi amassed a huge amount of fans because of the way he celebrates his victories, his style and sense of humor.

After his 125cc world title Valentino Rossi moved up to the 250cc class on a factory Aprillia and by the end of the year he seemed to have achieved dominance, with four grand prix victories in a row and a second overall standing in the championship. The season of '99 started slowly, but after two races Valentino Rossi caught fire and dominated the rest of the year. With nine victories he became worldchampion in the 250cc.

Valentino Rossi moves to the 500cc to achieve his goal; become worldchampion in all three classes. Valentino Rossi swaps from an Aprillia factory bike to a Honda factory bike. He rides for pretty much the same team that took Mick Doohan to his world titles. Just like the previous classes Valentino Rossi needs one year to learn and one year to win the world championship.

In the year 2000 Valentino Rossi gets ten podium places and even two grand prix victories. With his second place in the championship Valentino Rossi becomes Rookie of the year. In the year 2001 'The Doctor' completes the trilogy with winning the championship at the age of 22 years. With taking this championship, Valentino Rossi is the last true 2-stroke worldchampion as in the year 2002 the 4-strokes will enter the MotoGP.

With the new class entering the grand prix in 2002, a new goal was set for Valentino: winning the MotoGP Class. Valentino started off the season with winning the first GP in a new area. The Honda 4-stroke of Valentino Rossi has been dominating all season, only finishing 2nd once in South Africa and crashing in the Czech Republic . In Brazil he wrapped up the championship after 10 victories this season.

In 2003 Valentino Rossi completely dominates the MotoGP class and adds another MotoGP world title to his name. But Valentino Rossi isn

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Rossi became 2nd at the Portugese GP and now has a 8 point lead in the championship! He made an amazing comeback after a little bit of bad luck in the beginning of the year. In two weeks he will be champion again!

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Dammit! Valentino had a great chance of becoming the champion again but unfortunately fell down in a corner :cry:

Even a champion falls once in a while...but damn not now!!!

Now Nicky Hayden is the champ :cry:

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