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Pamela Bernier


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Pamela Bernier


place of origin: Hull, Quebec, Canada

birthdate: March 3 1992

hair: Brown

eyes: Green

height: 175cm / 5'9"

bust: 82 cm / 32 in

waist: 63 cm / 25 in

hips: 89 cm / 35 in


Models Internationa, Mother Agency

Marilyn, New York

Sutherland Models, Toronto

Montage Models, Montreal

How she was discovered....



info from: theones2watch.com

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Omg....Ok i first see the thread and assume its new 1 cuz it only has 1 page and i never see it before..So i clock it and i see he pic and i'm like Oh she does look gorgeous there..I look and says From quebec , Canada and I'm like Oh cool she's canadian too ... and then i see born 1992 ... and i'm like :shock: :blink:

Holy shit she's 2 years younger then me...Then i read how she got discovered and makes me sad..Wow eh? then i look at he pics and i'm like omg not only is she gorgeous but she really can model considering she got discovered just an year ago and never thought of being a model..Well that's what i call destiny...And her look she looks def ver 20 maybe 25ish if not more...Wow and she has that strong kind of beauty like Hilary Rhoda has , but this girl is prettier.

Man she'll turn into topmodel soon probably...They become known now at very young ages..Wow i mean 14..I was still dreaming then.

Makes me sad.

Today where i work at a clothing store i saw a very very thin girl...Kind of tall not very tho cuz i'm only 5'6 and she was a lil taller anyways she had blonde hair a dher face was kind of pretty , soft , diff looing..Like a model face... You know..I almost went up to her and ask her is she a model or just tell her she should be..But then i didn't becouse i thought i'll freak her out.

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I've always idolized models ... it's hard not to, their beautiful. I saw Pam on tv .. heard her talk and I couldn't believe she was only 14. It completely inspired me to start her thread whether there were a lot of pictures or not. She looks like the kind of girl who has more of a universal beauty, that is.. she could do runway, print, haute couture or just plain old beauty ads. Plus .. I'm from Canada and I live in Quebec ... I really like her. :p yes it's sad. I'm about 5'6 too, I always wished I were 5'9 lol... then I could try to be a model :cain: silly me.

Pam is 5'9, and she's 14 ... she probably grow more too lol

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There's a video of her on the right click models , then her model profile.


That's probably the same onw u saw Pink Couture.

She is beautidul , like she has a strong Woman look , other models have girls looks in their 20's , but not really quite a woman look , and have different and innocent look , but not her , and for her age yea i'm nt even wonna go there.

But once she opens her mouth you can tell she's very young , her coice , andthe way she talks she hasn't matured yet , i'm not saying she's not mature - not at all , just she talks like 14 year old girl so..

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