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So I had the pleasure of meeting someone from the crew off of Supernatural last night, (the owner of the Impala to be specific) and found out a few interesting facts. Obviously I had my typical fandom moment and gushed over how cute he was, which brought the guy a bit of humor and I may be lucky enough to get Jensen's autograph, (one of the few actors I actually am interested in getting.) However what makes the meeting even better is I found out a few interesting little tidbits on set life. I guess Jensen is an absolute sweetheart, a pleasure to work with and quite laid back whereas his co-star Jared is a little bit of the opposite.

Rumor has it, at least from this crew members mouth is that Jared is a bit of a asshole, a jerk and in his words an absolute primadonna. The guy is now asking for a million an episode which if we look at previous shows and their cancellation dates isn't a good sign for our beloved show, (can I say Dark Angel and Miss Alba asking for an exorbant amount per episode.) Was also told his nickname on set is Jared PuddleDuckie. Obviously this could all just be rumor, or word of mouth from a disgruntled cast member but I just thought it was interesting..

Oh and has anyone else noticed how Jared rarely drives the Impala, guess it's because the owner of the vehicle doesn't like him and has requested, (rather forcefully) that he not be put in the drivers seat.

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