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Recently listed as one of E! Online's "Sizzlin' 16 of 2004" and YM magazine's "Hottest Guys of 2003," Jensen Ackles is a young actor on the rise. Ackles will next be seen this fall as Jason Teague, love interest to Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) in The WB's Smallville.

Ackles will make his big screen debut later this year in Sony Pictures' Devour, opposite Dominique Swain and Shannon Sossymon. The film was directed by David Winkler.

Ackles was most recently seen on Dawson's Creek in a recurring role and on Dark Angel as a series regular. His additional work in television includes co-starring in the mini-series Blonde, opposite Poppy Montgomery and Patrick Dempsey

In 1997, he began his acting career with much critical acclaim when he joined the cast of Days of Our Lives. In addition to three Emmy nominations (1998, 1999 and 2000), he won the Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Male Newcomer in 1998.

Ackles was born in Dallas and was raised in Richardson, Texas. He now resides in Los Angeles.

From theWB.com

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JRAunlimited interviews Jensen Ackles. October 14th, 2004

JRAUnlimited: Actors have many different ways of developing and relating to their character, some keep a journal, while others can turn it on or off at will. What do you do to prepare for your roles? Do you ever "become" the character off camera?

Jensen: Well, since I've never really had any formal training, I kinda just do what comes natural. I may have dabbled in a little method acting before...not necessarily becoming that character, but rather surrounding myself with things (music, books, movies, etc.) that get me in that head space. But, I'd have to say that most of the ideas I get for my characters usually come from a slight version of myself, mixed with things I observe from other people. I'm a huge people watcher, for that reason especially (and it's just plain entertaining sometimes). So, do I have a specific method to my proverbial madness?...NOPE.

JRAUnlimited: What has been your favorite scene to act in to date? Do you think that your favorite scene is also your "best" or do you make a distinction between favorite and best?

Jensen: An improv scene with the guy who played my dad in Devour. I was allowed freedom that I don't usually get. I'm my own worst critic. None of the scenes I do I think are my best. There is always room for improvement.

JRAUnlimited: How much input do you like to have over the characters you play? For example, how much influence did you have over the way Alec was developed?

Jensen: A lot of the time the characters tend to form themselves. I'll have an idea of how I want to play him, especially with TV, and once the writers and producers see what I am doing they'll take the things they like and capitalize on them as the season progresses. Sometimes it's things I don't even realize I'm doing. So I'd have to say it's a nice collaboration of both myself and the people who write him.

JRAUnlimited: We heard rumors during Dark Angel's Second Season, Fox was entertaining the idea of spinning a show for "Alec", a project we liked to refer to as Dark Alec. Was there any truth to these rumors?

Jensen: That would have been fun...I do remember hearing something about it, but unfortunately I think the rumors came from people who weren't in the position to make that happen...oh well!

JRAUnlimited: Seriously, did you really fall off the bike in "The Berrisford Agenda"? C'mon now, tell us the truth.

Jensen: Yes. In rehearsal when I tried to stop, I slipped off the seat, but caught myself before falling. So then I thought it would be funny if I actually did fall while spitting out all the dialogue. The director liked it so they threw a pad down for me to land on...I missed once.

JRAUnlimited: If Still Life does make it to air as a limited run series and the show clicks with the audience (something we kind of doubt due to Fox's incredible ability to abandon well written shows in favor of reality programming) is there any sort of contingency plan to resume filming of the show:

Jensen: No...all of the contracts expired in June. But hey...thank God we got to see My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé! That was a real winner.

JRAUnlimited: Now that you have gotten your foot in the door of the film industry, what are your intentions? Do you plan on focusing on films instead of TV or would you ideally like to do both?

Jensen: I'd like to have a balance of the two of them. Film is a real intense process which I like, but at the same time the consistency of TV is hard to shy away from. But to be honest...I have no idea what could happen, it's kinda crazy.

JRAUnlimited: If you could guest star in any current TV show, which would you prefer and in what capacity?

Jensen: The West Wing as Josh's intern or on the Sopranos except I'm not Italian or from New York. :)

Taken from JRAUnlimited & the official newsletter.

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Answers to questions sent to Jensen by fans. This was posted on 18th April 2004 in the official newsletter. ( Adriana fans might get a kick out of this ;p )

Recent fad you admit to trying: Using the Rick James quotes.

Love status: Her name is Joanna.

Something that makes you see red: Running late.

If you could live anywhere, it'd be: Toss up between Tahiti, Switzerland, or Cinqa Terra, Italy.

What's your take on reality shows, besides there being way too many? You know... I wrote out a long explanation of what I thought on this whole subject... read it... and decided not to send it because it really comes down to this... our world and reality is messed up enough and I can get enough of that through reading the paper and watching the news... I like to watch t.v. and films to take me away from reality and into a fictitious world. Why do you think they have us read fictional books and stories in school... to expand our knowledge and creativity. You don't really get that by watching Jerry Springer or Elimidate.

Last concert you've been to: A very close friend of mine Jason Manns performs around town here pretty frequently and I tend to be a regular. Aside from him... I think it was Martin Sexton.

Best gift ever received: Love.

No one knows you can: Belly dance............ I'm just kidding... seriously.

The person/people you most keep in touch with from DAYS: Julianne Morris, Alison Sweeney.

A role you auditioned for, really wanted, and didn't get: Every role I chose to audition for I really want... if I didn't want it, I wouldn't try for it.


Song: Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" performed by Jeff Buckley... favorite song!

Singer/Band: Ben Harper, Nina Simone, Martin Sexton, Jeff Buckley, Chet Baker to name a few.

City: Austin, Texas.

Food: Steak.

Late night snack: Dark chocolate and animal crackers.

Athlete: Steve Nash.

Team: Mavericks de Dallas.

Sport to watch: Basketball.

Sport to play: Soccer.

Vacation spot: Bora Bora, Napa Valley.

Book: "Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand.

Actor: Paul Newman, Johnny Depp.

Actress: Audrey Tautou.

TV Show: West Wing.

Movie: That changes all the time.

Time of Year: Fall.

Moment in your career: Working with James Cameron.

Person you'd most like to have in a fox hole with you: Adriana Lima... ok how about McGyver.

First thing you'd do when visiting NY: Probably grab a slice at Ray's pizza.

Final words: Thank you from the top to the bottom of my heart... you are amazing... and now I'm going to bed.

Taken from JA Central & The Official Newsletter.

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avadakedavra I love you for making this thread! And I was stupid enough to overlook it. But I finally found it! (wow, that took long :rolleyes: I will never be good in finding things.)

I could blab a entirely full (not to mention: useless) post, but the bottomline is: He's gorgeous! I was a big Dark Angel fan and I loved him as Alec. The way he could be the smartass, just priceless. I like smallville a lot too, that was the show I watched after the DA days were over. And now he's in that! heh, couldn't make me happier :D

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Jensen has a movie coming out this year. Here's the info from imdb.com:

Genre: Horror

Plot Outline: Revolves around a character named Jake Cummings [ Jensen ] and his friends that have been playing a deadly game called "The Pathway", which eventually spirals out of control and threatens a worldwide epidemic of violence.

Status: Post-production

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