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Sexy! No,No,No - Dance X - 18th August 2007

th_70858_ga_snnndx_122_874lo.jpg th_70871_STORAGE-46_122_615lo.jpg th_70853_STORAGE-50_122_1139lo.jpg th_70860_STORAGE-51_122_1150lo.jpgth_70892_STORAGE-57_122_790lo.jpg

th_70913_STORAGE-61_122_706lo.jpg th_70960_STORAGE-67_122_1100lo.jpgth_70986_STORAGE-77_122_943lo.jpgth_70981_STORAGE-76_122_600lo.jpg th_71014_STORAGE-83_122_115lo.jpg

th_71049_STORAGE-86_122_426lo.jpgth_71081_STORAGE-97_122_1181lo.jpgth_71057_STORAGE-91_122_560lo.jpg th_71085_STORAGE-93_122_830lo.jpg th_71071_STORAGE-95_122_1021lo.jpg

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Video 2 - Message to Dance X teams

th_74824_ga_mes_122_961lo.jpg th_74759_Bitmap-2285_122_354lo.jpg th_74759_Bitmap-2286_122_1018lo.jpg th_74774_Bitmap-2288_122_626lo.jpg th_74842_Bitmap-2287_122_1158lo.jpg

th_74796_Bitmap-2289_122_377lo.jpgth_74863_Bitmap-2290_122_781lo.jpg th_74832_Bitmap-2292_122_608lo.jpgth_74850_Bitmap-2293_122_495lo.jpgth_74816_Bitmap-2291_122_932lo.jpg


6mb Mpeg2 on Rapidshare


6mb Mpeg2 on Mediafire


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too be honest i don't really like the new vid or song for some reason i think i find it quite boring actually but i still can't wait for their next album to drop anyway!

I totally agree with you. For me it was a desappointment. I've always loved girls aloud musics but this one is not my type. But who knows... maybe the album will have much more musics that I like

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