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Tour or Show?

Guest MissIsabella

What would you rather them do?  

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  1. 1. What would you rather them do?

    • Angels Across America Tour
    • Annual Fashion Show
    • My idea the fashion show ending with the Angels leaving for tour!

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Guest MissIsabella

Okay wellpersoanlly I love the Angeltour I know a lotof you cvomplained about no ana or marisa or whoever but most of you guys thos emodels do tons of new runways every season so you always get new backstage pics and new candids the 5 girls that goon the tour they ave to do something big to get new candids becasue all five really don't do much if any runway anymore. So I voted for the Angel tour and I mean Getting new pics everyday and a whole new documentary on it and the girls is fabolus! I mean sorry I know the girls arepretty for the fashion show but a fashion show is a fashion show and I really watched there shows for the backstage stuff. I mean my goal is to be a Vitoria Secret model ( half way there I am signed with GUESS and Ale and Adriana made it from there) and yes I want to do that fashion show but I would love to do the tour more!

What do you think!

I think that Victoria Secret should do the fashion show and then at the end have a really nice place where they can do this then have the top five angels or models that are going on the tour stand at the front like the last fashion show and then the satge opens up and the plane is behind them or the bus and then those models get on that and leave for the tour but just an idea!

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