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What does smart look like?


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It doesn't look like anything. The alternative title for this thread is "let's perpetuate stereotypes!"

Interesting points to consider:

- what are these stereotypes?

- why do these stereotypes exist?
- how can a thread in a random obscure internet forum perpetuate stereotypes that already exist anymore than any other thread in any other random obscure internet forum or a random party convo?
- why would a forum dedicated to perpetuating stereotypes of beauty be concerned about perpetuating other stereotypes?
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Thanks for helping me waste my time reading that crap :D ......... that guy I posted is smart certified. I'm not a teenager any more. First I'll check the "smartness" certification ....... then if I like the face :wub2: I'll classify the face as a smart's guy face. post-1577-0-1446015137-30264_thumb.gif

That defeats the purpose then. 

Brings up interesting point:

-what if the smartness is not the sort that's certifiable?

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Same way you measure length or mass ......... by comparing with a standard? post-84381-0-1446015137-88216_thumb.gif


The only difference is the standards are not defined in a strict manner by a metrology science that sets nomenclature, base units, relations between base and derived units, protocols on how to do dimensional analysis and so on so forth. Measuring without a science might take years of studying in a specific area of experty. Then again life is not supposed to be easy...... and if I don't have that experty I won't bother measuring at all or I'm going to be unfair with some guys. post-84381-0-1446015137-90907_thumb.gif

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