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Supermodel Show Down Heidi vs Gisele


Heidi vs Gisele  

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  1. 1. Heidi vs Gisele

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    • Gisele

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Who's your favorite?

Heidi "The Body"


Gisele "The Million Dollar Face"

My vote goes to Heidi, it's funny that Gisele is the "Million Dollar Face" because she has a much better body then face.

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Everyone is the Fashion Industry calls Gisele the "Million Dollar Face", why I have nooo idea. I believe it may be because she photographs better than all the other models.. again I'm not sure why they say that, I totally disagree.

Why does everyone hate Gisele *besides the obvious reason*

1. Getting together with Titanic boy *shudder*

2. Being the Highest Paid "Uber Model" when it's OBVIOUS Adriana should be the one getting paid the big bucks.

3. Having a questionable looks... Ok maybe it's just me, but when I've had a few glasses of wine she looks like a man/queen.

She does have a pretty good body and killer legs!?

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Ok here's another one to throw at your guys *not making it into an offical poll*

Karen Mulder or Daniela Pestova

I dun know why but I think Karen Mulder is better looking face wise but Daniela has a better body.

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Guest MissIsabella

oh yes I love how Gisele "Loves" modeling but on her interview on Vh1 I quote "There are going to camera on the plane? I might hurt someone becuae I need my privacy I don't like Camera that much" All I could think and yell at the tv when she said that was


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