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Brigitte Bardot

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But I have a question: How tall is Brigitte? :)

172 cm :)

Thanks :hug:

Nah Brigitte is not that tall ;) We never knew for sure but it's more like 165/166 cm, maybe a bit smaller or a bit higher but definitely not over 168cm :wave:

Vadim in his book wrote that Church was affraid woman who is 172 cm .....

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Yes but not by 10cm :) Well don't believe me if you don't want to but even before that encounter I knew Brigitte wasn't that tall. There are loads of examples; for instance, I remember one movie (I think that was "Plucking the daisy") where she's said to be 166cm, her then-husband wrote the scenario so he knew her well. And there's no way they would make her 6cm smaller, I mean, who does that ? :laugh: Everybody's always trying to look taller, not to shorten their height ;) So yeah I don't think she was over 168cm, that's pretty much the maximum plausible height.

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Well, I also think that Brigitte is rather about ~165cm, because she appears that short.

That's why I asked in the first place. Brigitte looks short so I was interested in her height.

(Her short height affects her beauty not in the least, btw :) )

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