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For those of you who ever went on a scavenger hunt as a kid this game should bring back some good memories and funny moments.
This game is simple and straight forward. I will start a list of 5 things one must find via a Google search and then post the corresponding pics. The person to post the last list will then create a new list of 5 things for the next person to find. So with that said let's start things off with the first official BZ scavenger hunt! :chicken:

  • Cow tipped over.
  • Paper clip the size of a human.
  • Adriana Lima in a black bikini :whistle:
  • Cat jumping in mid air.
  • Someone being bitched slapped :D

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1. An everyday person getting photobombed by a celebrity

2. An animal wedding

3. Someone wearing an outfit made entirely out of water

4. Landscape photo of a triple rainbow

5. A frozen waterfall


Dave: Do we need to find all 5 items at once?

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^ YES :yes:

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