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Lily Jean Harvey

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Scouted by Fletcher Harrington and signed with Viva London this Brit girl has huge potential.

Height: 5'9


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I don't know. I am a firm believer just because you got scouted by certain agencies doesn't mean you are going to be successful. Most of these girls flop because only a few of them can be successful editorially and agencies like Viva don't have the resources to develop her beyond the normal editorial stuff. Sometimes you are better off being scouted by an agency that you can do more commercial work. Also, you are better off with an agency that is willing to place you in other markets that can help you build your book. Yes, agencies like Storm have  great power for them. However, only a handful get the success that an agency like that relies on. The rest of the girls on their boards are the equivalent to the models at Nevs, Leni's and dare I say MOT. Look how many girls who get scouted by these large agencies wind up with commercial print agencies, not that there is anything wrong with that. I say better to work your way up than down. Let's just hope she does a lot of shows early on because at 5'9" assuming she is actually that height, it will be hard. 

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Muse Magazine Spring Summer 2016
Photographer: Boo George
Fashion Editor: Havana Laffitte
Hair: Chi Wong


3801a1471365984.jpg 78e917471365986.jpg 646d8d471365987.jpg 26e759471365990.jpg b2786c471365992.jpg bb6aff471365994.jpg c972cd471365996.jpg 7a3299471365998.jpg dd974d471366000.jpg 6fe9aa471366003.jpg a2742e471366004.jpg 2f0f6e471366007.jpg fd7c80471366010.jpg 9d9810471366011.jpg d95c09471366014.jpg ac8b35471366015.jpg a6ea28471366017.jpg fe1a71471366020.jpg 

source: weareosodroee

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