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  1. Alena Podloznaya for Victoria's Secret Pink, 2016
  2. Claire Guena (by Karina Twiss) for Madame, August Beauty Issue, 2016 Warning, nudity http://www.imagebam.com/image/2130f2494768013
  3. This makes me very excited so happy to see her for VS, she's so gorgerous
  4. She kind off reminds me of a very young Rosie Huntington-Whiteley... Like when she started with VS. Very gorgerous girl
  5. Romee Strijd for Bloomingdale's Spring Designers Capsule Collection, 2016 (also with Anais Mali, Ming Xi and Zuzanna Bijoch) Source: http://bloomingdales.com
  6. Giambattista would be amazing, but I honestly don't see that happen, he prefers the skinniest models, and usually not very "commercial". Givenchy I see that happening, quite a possibillity I think, since he loves VS models... same with Karl. She'll kill it this PFW.
  7. Zuhair Murad doesn't do rtw shows, only at Couture. The rtw is a lookbook presentation... However she can be the chosen model for the lookbook (he often go for two or three girls).
  8. Lily at Balmain Paris Fashion Week After-Party, 2016 Source: Vogue
  9. Stella at Balmain Paris Fashion Week After-Party, 2016 Source: Vogue
  10. Rosie at Balmain Paris Fashion Week After-Party, 2016 Source: Vogue
  11. Irina Shayk for Vogue.com on 12 Ways to Do Spring’s Legs-for-Days Look http://media.vogue.com/r//2016/03/03/003-irina-legs.webm http://dp8hsntg6do36.cloudfront.net/56d8fb0694c05f1afa00002b/75d36b05-0621-48ef-8c84-2efe6eec541bhigh.webm
  12. Taylor Hill for Vogue.com on 12 Ways to Do Spring’s Legs-for-Days Look http://media.vogue.com/r//2016/03/03/008-taylor-legs.webm http://dp8hsntg6do36.cloudfront.net/56d8fb0694c05f1afa00002b/75d36b05-0621-48ef-8c84-2efe6eec541bhigh.webm
  13. Nope, not diggin' black hair Lily... too dark I guess, does not suits her one bit, gladly it's a wig.
  14. Daphne Groeneveld (by Natth Jaturapahu) for Vogue Thailand March Issue, 2016 Source: http://fashioneditorials.com/
  15. Girl is killing it this year, so proud of her, totally deserves all of this. One of the best HF models out there! @FashionDream thank you for the updates btw
  16. Valery Kaufman (by Camilla Akrans) for Vogue Japan, April Issue, 2016 Source: http://www.wearesodroee.com
  17. Bella Hadid (by Nick Hudson) for Harper's Bazaar Korea, March Issue, 2016 Source: http://fashioneditorials.com/
  18. Hana Jirickova for Free People, City Artisan Trend March Lookbook, 2016 Source: Free People
  19. Absolutely amazing editorial, love it! Thank you @Sunshiine
  20. Maggie Lane (by by Bjorn Looss) ofr Morgan Lane, Spring/Summer Collection, 2016 See-Through Nudity: http://www.imagebam.com/image/68eae0467234006 http://www.imagebam.com/image/85e456467234100 Source: http://fashioneditorials.com/
  21. Mary Butterly (by Della Bass) for Fashion Gone Rogue, Underneath It All editorial, 2016 Source: http://www.fashiongonerogue.com/
  22. Lily Jean Harvey (by Boo George) for Muse Magazine, Spring Cover, 2016 Source: Blog In Voga
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