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  1. yay Blanca looks like a real pro in that video
  2. No news? Sha was at Marchesa show?
  3. Yeah Sara was simply amazing, her walk is very good, I think she could be able to open de show next time
  4. I can't believe people on XXI sec don't reconize a women's body, this comments was completely disrespectfull. Still she is very humble and close to her fans, I don't know how she is so criticized. About VSFS, first moment I don't like the fluffly wings, and the thing and her neck.... But... with others pictures coming out, I realized how the white outfit contorned her, and make her hair and skin looks like a draw, she looks stunning! Congrats to her first opening, hope (and think) she kills it! Much love for Sara. The Balmain outfit was really sexy, and that jacket is my favorite piece of the section, very GLAM! Also I think she is spontaneous, besides Elsa who is very robotic (my thoughts) she will outstand sure she will
  5. Yes at least this, cause other angels... Some of them just get bad things
  6. OMG VS is a disaster, the only segment to look for is Balmain. I don't think this, all the angels have space for getting something special, SO, FB, Closing, Opening, Big Wings... They have a special contract, all they should get something if they wanted
  7. what a neglect with Taylor, she dosn't get ANYTHING from VS? The new angel with most followers, who does pretty much a lot of shows in the season... Feel bad for her
  8. According Vogue UK she is in the VSFS
  9. Her agency could do more for her
  10. Yes it is, she is nordic has the killer body. The most people likes girls who is the same, the difference in her makes her outstanding, and I hope she ever reed this mean jokes, and even this, she don't care. Cause she is ifff hell yeaa
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