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Are they real or fake???


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it's like they are either real or someone with a good deal of breast to begin with got them enhanced or something ... in which case the implant would not be placed behind the muscle which I would think would create a more realistic result. but :idk: I think they are ugly, because I certainly wouldn't want mine to look like those..

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bah, they look real to me, because the way they sag. Implanted chesticles are usually much perkyer, and are very round. Those are grade A natural fat sacks ladies. You just want tehm to be fake because you're jealous.

/bettah reckanize!!!!!!!

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To be honest, I don't like big hooters either, I like them smaller, perky... You know, an athletic body. Of course I wouldn't turn down a full C cup either, but any more than that, and I'd have to pass...Unless her ass is to die for...and she needs to be smart...and funny...and she should be able to get my jokes...and about 1000 other criteria. I'm a picky bastard.

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