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i kinda thought peyton and julian looked pretty good together too ;)

Can't believe I say that but : me too!

I mean I'm such an LP fan... they're so meant to be I can't imagine an end where they're not together

But you know Lucas has this thing...he has a girl in mind and thinks she's THE one and only and suddenly he's totally into another girl...

I was very disappointed in season 5 because I can understand that a teenager can be scared of his feelings and all but season 5!!!4 years later after high school!WTF?!He loooooooves Lindsey and wants her back so badly... then after one or two conversations with some people he proposes to Peyton!?This is so not realistic and if it was... which girl could be with this guy without having any doubt that someday he will wake up and find out he's in love with someone else?

I think this is the reason why seeing Julian taking care of Peyton and nobody else was something really cute.

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i am still on LP team!!!

but,oh, now we will have more and more and some more drama how lucas will react.... blah blah blah...

he is just her ex, and lucas is gonna make another book about it til he realize he loves P, and wants to marry her...

same old....

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Best Ep since S1 I loved it so much!Chad can be proud of himself he did such a great job.Now I know for sure why I'm still watching this show!

Made these :

his smile after the kiss is to die for!And I loved how brightful were their eyes in that scene.C/H got the most amazing chemistry I've ever seen on TV.

And the rain scene was sooo hearttakin' I watched it like 4 times today

leyton-copie-3.gif leyton.png vlcsnap-00104.jpg vlcsnap-00105.jpg
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Cancer sounds logic to me...

Her mother had one and Lucas saying "Don't ever leave me"...well it's kind of the thing people say on a show when some heavy thing is going to happen.

Happy-go-lucky L/P never lasts...there's always something happening and the fact that they alwys find a way to face it together is what makes them so close.

As much as I love them I don't really want to see them kissing and giggling a whole season.I kinda love drama. :/ what a masochist I am!

Seriously as long as they're in love I can handle everything!

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