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One Tree Hill


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it was avery sad episode today poor q

and im so sick of the nanny and i want to find out what really happend to brooke.

Me too, but I wonder how the nanny's real son died! :o What do you mean what really happened to her? Some one beat the shit out of her and robbed her store. If her mom did that, then that's really f*** up. <_< :ninja:

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me too Alisa I love LP since day 1 they were so young and cute on s1 (Peyton all curly haired and Lucas so amazed and shy everytime she was around)

so...what do you guys think about Dan??Is he finally a real good person or do you think Mark has already prepared another weird twist showing he's still a bad guy?

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well, this is the last season (for now), so dan will probably turn around and then die...

oh, they are so dramatic this season... brooke, crazy nanny, q dead,....

i want the big wedding!!!! peyton has the most amazing body...

i saw on imdb that there is only 14 episodes....


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hope so!!!! and it does make sense.... there is too much going on...


what happend to the son of the crazy nanny

PL wedding

skills and deb

mouth and milly

rachel will be back

brooke and her bitchy mother

we have to see more karen....

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