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Bar Refaeli


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Hi :wave: I want to thank you EVERYONE here who recently shared articles, pictures and links of Bar. She is such an interesting model and seems to take genuine pleasure in everything she does and is involved with!

I am looking forward to read updates on the release of her movie Session... can't find any.

I was also searching for news or recent sightings but apparently, Bar (and her man Leo) have not been sighted anywhere for the last past week. Unless I missed something, but I guess they found a way to retreat somewhere without the press or paparazzi knowing it. Good for them. ;) Someone told me she thinks she heard that DiCaprio and Bar could be in Switzerland ... and she later told me they could be in Israel for the Passover. Only rumors, my friends.... time will tell.

For all of you here I want to wish a very HAPPY EASTER and a very HAPPY PESACH!!

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More on Bar at the Fox celebrations and fashion show (with lots of nice pictures)

Bar Rafaeli In Singapore For Fox Birthday Celebrations and Fashion Show

I didn't quite believe it when I read that Bar Rafaeli would be coming to Singapore. If you don't know who she is, she is just an international SUPERmodel, the 2009 covermodel of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, who also happens to be Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend. AND SHE'S HOT!

To complete the story, she was here with Noam Toor as Fox fashion ambassador and celebrating Fox's 5th birthday in a fashion show in Vivocity.

The New Paper said she looked casual and listless, I was thinking What?? She was so naturally beautiful that she didn't even need make up to stand out among the crowd. I will even believe if you told me that the light makeup and casual dressing was deliberate to match the Fox P.H.A.T. (Pretty Hot And Tempting) Fashion Show. While she seemed a tad tired, she was professional throughout and had the smiles for all the right moments and kept all her fans happy, signing autographs right up to the last minute. Well done!


Thanks to ginette! :kiss: :wave: :wave:

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:fun: I hope everyone had a GREAT EASTER! HAPPY PASSOVER!

Thanks to everyone for all the awesome pics, video, links. I was out of town and it was nice to see all the new Bar stuff. Hi Kerri Lynn it's nice to hear from you. I also wonder where Bar's at. I thought she would be in Israel for Passover but there's been no sighting of her. I have the same kind of question as Solange; Did one of your friend's co-worker's at the airport see see Bar and Leo get on a flight to Europe or Israel? I'm surprised they haven't been spotted by the paparazzi. If Leo and Bar are vacationing together they're doing a good job at "hiding". Sooner or later we'll find out where they are.

The Israeli website Walla just posted some new photos of Bar and Noam on a yacht. It seems like they were taken a week ago when they were doing promotional work for the FOX. As always the translation is not good but some of the comments seem to imply that Bar and Noam are a couple. That gossip has been going in Israel on and off since last year from what I've read. Bar and Noam seem to be good friends but that doesn't mean they're a couple. Obviously Bar's in a long-term serious relationship so I don't know why some Israeli reporters want to manufacture a phony relationship with her and Noam. Maybe it's being implied by FOX to get them more publicity. Hmm. I think Noam is cute and I like his smile so maybe Bar would date him if she were single. Anyway Bar sure looks like she had a good time.



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Thanks LYE!

Rainyday. I don't believe she and that guy are a couple. All those photos are posed and/or taken during promos for FOX. Of course, gossips will try to make something of it cause that's how they do things to make people read their sites. I don't think this guy is great for Bar anyway - what does he do besides being on Big Brother - I'm not sure why he became famous? Not that it matters if a guy is famous or not, but I don't think they are romantically involved and till I see pics of them outside of work, I don't think any of that gossip or speculation is trrue. Maybe LEO and Bar went somewhere cause we haven't seen/heard of either of them for about 2 weeks but now at least I know LEO is back in LA cause there's video of him in LA yesterday.

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