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Bar Refaeli


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I've noticed that several entertainment sites have posted the SI video of Bar yesterday and today. Is this a new promotional push by SI? Some of the sites have been in Europe and Asia so maybe Bar will be doing international interviews? That would be cool to see Bar do more publicity for the magazine. Let's hope so!

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I wonder if Bar was in Israel for Passover? It didn't seem like it since there wasn't any sightings of her there. Unless Bar just stayed home and didn't really go out. Did you hear anything, Refaelishop?

Oh no, Bar's having lunch with a male friend so that must mean she already left Noam for this new guy! I'm being sarcastic, of course, but I'm sure the gossip sites will try to make a "story" out of this just like they did with Noam. I agree with you Solange, the gossip about Bar and Noam is ridicoulous. Not because Noam is an "ordinary" guy but because there's absolutely no evidence to the rumours. If they were photographed making out then maybe I would believe but they're friends who were just hanging out on a yacht. Big deal.

Being famous is not all that it's cracked up to be and Bar's has a good attitude about it. It is a good idea to ignore all the gossip and do what makes you happy. That's the most important thing and it looks like Bar's having the last laugh.

I have totally no idea about the holiday

and hope that bar was with her family as this is a family holiday

intersting what will leo do after they will merry

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