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in wireimage there are new ale pics from

Alessandra Ambrosia

Cingular Wireless & LG Preview HBO Mobile - Polaroids - May 31, 2006 and Cingular and LG Host Preview Party for HBO Mobile and the New Cingular LGCU 500 Cell Phone - "Cingular" Carpet - June 01, 2006

Can someone posted it please?

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She always looks the greatest, the absolute best, in her candids - and that's a major compliment, btw. :) Its difficult to find a model that looks as stunning (or in this case MORE stunning) in real life as opposed to when he/she is airbrushed like mad and made to perfection with cosmetics.

I concurr..

exactly! gocho you nailed it!!!

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I don't think these were posted but if so, I apologize.

post-1676-1134485590_thumb.jpg post-1676-1134485595_thumb.jpg post-1676-1134485618_thumb.jpg

sorry if i am late on these, but these are some of the most beautiful and sensual pics i have ever seen in my entire life! wow. so elegant and classy. so ethereal and enchanting. so damn hot! thanks lullaby!!!

hmm. thumbs don't show.

referring to post 697,


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