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  1. Another once beautiful girl rendered hideous and unrecognizable due to plastic surgery... why mess with something when its not broken? I will never know.. I should also add that I think that its absolutely HILARIOUS that she says there is no credibility to the plastic surgery facts... ermm.. I mean, rumours, riiiight, rumours. She looks like a completely different person. Her face is completely unrecognizable to what it once was, in a horrible and unattractive way... poor Kim.
  2. Wow, people really need to get over the "stupid faces" thing. Just because someone doesn't act all haughty and pseudointellectual in front of the camera (like everyone else does) doesn't make them an idiot. Sheesh. She's unique, so what? Is individuality a crime a now? <_<
  3. SontaSejou


    OMG. She has grey eyes like mommy! Yay! Hope they don't change, but isn't it too late for that anyway?
  4. Whoa there's a huge change in her face from the beginning of this thread to the end. Her face looks completely different now. Shouldn't have touched it.
  5. She's one of the most captivating models I've ever seen. Finally discovered her and still in shock. She's... just wow. Amazingly gorgeous. Don't see how anyone could find her ugly!
  6. She's amazing, amazing, amazing thanks for the pics. WOW.
  7. Candice. I didn't think Emanuela was an angel because I rarely see her but if she is her too!
  8. Marloes is one of my top 3 right now - I think she's just perfect.
  9. Klara must have the best lips ever. So mesmerizing.
  10. Ana x2 for SURE. Alba is so overrated. I think Ana is underrated if anything, beautiful lady.
  11. I'm stunned that Angelina is winning... I hate to say it but I find her repulsive. Personality, looks, everything, blah.
  12. Love Miranda, she's cuter. Rosie is sexier though.
  13. She's effing gorgeous! I love Cintia.
  14. Oh my goodness, she's stunning in this ed! One of her best, I'd say. That's saying a LOT!
  15. I've been reading more and more about Miranda and she seems like such an intelligent and spiritual young woman. The more I learn about her the more I like. Here's to not just being a pretty face! Beautiful Miranda...
  16. He's stunning, thanks for all the gorgeous pics Hime!
  17. Nice package. I mean the whole package of course. Thanks for this pics!
  18. Holy #@$#@!!!! Amaaaazing face. I keep setting a picture of him as my background, scrolling down, changing it again, etc. because his pics just get better and better!
  19. Wow, he's insanely sexy, cute, hot etc. Love him.
  20. Oh my god. This forum has gone to the dogs. That bitch wears the skin of a dead animal and nobody notices? NO, she does not look "beautiful" she looks like trash, because trash is precisely what she is. She wants to have four children in the year 2008. Sorry, what? She "loves" to eat meat without investigating how its made (ignorant) and now she prances around like some floozy wearing something that DOES NOT BELONG TO HER. She's so unintelligent its unbearable to even check in here once a year. Think I'm lacking a bit of compassion? Whatever. My compassion belongs to the children overseas who would LOVE to have someone rich as a parent, but won't, because that someone hasn't progressed past the part of breeding. Believe me honey, your genes do NOT need to be passed on, haha! My compassion belongs to the animals who suffer everyday so filthy women like her can "enjoy" an expensive meal. My compassion belongs to the animals that get skinned a-fucking-live so that this wretched, pathetic excuse for an industry can exist (yes, it would truly be laughable if it weren't for the depressing fact that it spends so much fucking money and sheds so much blood) Congratulations Adriana, not only have you been removed from my list of attractive humans (you haven't aged well, honey) you've also been INDUCTED onto my hit list. Sure, ogle beautiful men and women as much as you want, but the fact that you don't see her for the hideous scum that she is after this, it really denotes something truly sad in your character. I'm gone for good. Good luck autonomous ones.
  21. Everyone told me it didn't hurt and I swear I've never felt anything more painful! But I have no problem with it now; I took a few days off of running but have resumed my normal cardio schedule. It was a little swollen after the third day, and is still a teensy bit red and itchy, but all in all.. no problem. I have a mutant immune system, though; I'm like Wolverine from X-Men! I heal FAST, so it could just be me. Aiming to change my piercing in July sometime (I got the barbell that takes the least time to heal). I'm already buying some gorgeous rings online.
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