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Blake Lively


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Omg you'd never guess that was Blake from those recent candids. I quite like the jeans but hate the jumper :/ thanks for sharing!

And thanks for the Marie Claire scans, so in love with the last black and white one of her in the silver dress! Stunning :wub:

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Blake Lively is the Face of Gucci’s New Scent–But Would Karl Lagerfeld Approve?

Just in time for Gossip Girl to (finally) end, Blake Lively has landed herself a new gig: She has just been named as the face of Gucci’s new scent, Premiere, which will launch in late July in the UK, and worldwide in September, WWD is reporting.

The scent is said to be infused with “Old Hollywood charm,” and will have top notes of bergamot and orange blossom, a heart of white flowers and musk, and a base cocktail of leather and wood. The bottle, which Gucci creative director Frida Giannini designed, apparently “drips with gold and heritage details and looks like a fashion accessory,” and will set you back between $63 and $105, depending on the size.

Gorgeous, glamorous, and a movie star in her own right, Lively would normally be a natural choice for Gucci. “Celebrities and red-carpet glamour have always been a part of the Gucci heritage,” Giannini said, adding that she chose Lively “because she is a girl of extraordinary beauty and she’s a girl who loves fashion. She has great taste in clothes.”

Except that, up until recently, Lively’s great taste in clothing largely paid tribute to a completely different storied fashion house: Chanel. In December 2010, Lively was named an official ambassador of the French Brand and in 2011 she fronted the Mademoiselle bag campaign. Since then, she’s enjoyed a close personal relationship with Karl Lagerfeld himself, even attending the Met Ball with him last year. But, we guess, the honeymoon is officially over.

Lively has been (conspicuously?) absent from Chanel shows recently, and did not participate (to our knowledge at least), in the brand’s The Little Black Jacket book. And, with this latest gig, it appears that Lively has most definitely moved on from the French brand.

In any case, we’ll soon see Lively in the new Gucci Premiere campaign, which was shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in Los Angeles and will debut in the UK in July. Lively is said to be posing in a backless dress covered in sequins, her hair styled in a retro fashion, as she looks over a panorama of the city through the window of the storied Sheats Goldstein Residence.

And, of course, we expect to start seeing her at a whole lot more Gucci shows in the future!


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I swear yesterday before i went to bed, I wished that Blake would announce who her fragrance would be for. Then I wake up and comes true!. I'm so happy for. Atleast now people can stop moaning about her not being a Chanel girl etc. - but Im sure they will find something else to hate her for.

Im SO relieved that it wasnt Marchesa! When she revealed the news about a fragrance - you dont know how hard a prayed that it wasnt marchesa (even though they dont have a fragrance) lol.

SHe keeps on amazing me - she is such a smart girl! I love how she keeps sticking it to the haters.

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Totally agree with you OHSOLIVELY

Bravo Blake.

It's great for her :clap: .

I don't see the problem with Chanel after all Karl Lagerfeld changes often muse to represent the brand. It is quite possible that the contract with Channel Blake was for a specified period. This period is complete and Blake can seize new opportunities. Whatever she does some people can not stop making comments to create controversy or criticize her . It is not important. What matters is that Blake continues his road while protecting their privacy.

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GOSH. Blake + Gucci. *dead*

Can't wait to see the commercial!!! :clap:


Blake Lively has been unveiled as the face of Gucci Première, the next female fragrance for the fashion house.

Frida Giannini, Gucci Creative Director, said, “In conceiving this fragrance I was inspired by timeless Hollywood glamour and the iconic leading ladies of Hollywood’s golden era. Blake’s unique style and charisma brings that allure to life in a very contemporary way.”

Blake Lively stated, “It is a pleasure to collaborate with Frida Giannini. I admire the qualities of the Gucci Première woman and feel honored to represent the fragrance.”

The print campaign for the new fragrance was shot by Mert & Marcus, and the commercial film was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

The short film will be presented at a special event during the Venice Film Festival on September 1st, 2012.

Blake joins Evan Rachel Wood, Chris Evans and James Franco in representing Gucci’s fragrances.

Gucci Première will be launched worldwide from July 2012.

Hopefully this will mean us seeing Blake Lively in Gucci Première gowns during her promo tour.

I can’t wait.


an obvious oldie,


I love this song/video, and Blake is my favorite female within the video. cute.

Best music vid ever! :laugh:


Too adorable :wub:


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How do you guys think 'Savages' will be? I've enjoyed many movies that Stone has produced/directed. Examples; JFK, Nixon, Natural Born Killers, Wall Street, and more. But Stone's more recent movies have all been pretty mediocre and/or bad, (Wall street; money never sleeps, Alexander, W., WTC).

I like Taylor Kitsch a lot, and of course del Toro is wonderful, but from what I've read and what I've seen in the previews. Savages looks very try hard and comes off as cheesy, especially Salma Hayek's lines :laugh:

I hope it's better than it appears it will be. I need Stone to redeem himself with another classic.

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