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  1. I saw the commercial on tv yesterday evenning (UK) - it was soo good. It kind of came on randomly - so when I saw the 1st shot, I literally screamed my head off lol. I loved it except for one shot where she's facing the camera and they seem to have really airbrushed her face . But overall really great. She looks so gorgeous. Her body is SICK!! Her & Gucci really make a great partnership. Did anyone else in the UK see it? It doesnt go internationally until September. I tried looking for it on youtube but its not on there yet. I wonder if the ad is what Nick RW directed? But in all the press notes, it says a short film - so I guess thats what will be shown at Venice FF.
  2. Aaaaaw! They seem so in love. Is that her nephew sitting next to her! I'm very indifferent when it comes to Ryan but it's really obvious how much they share the same values. Especially when it comes to family. They seem to have a very normal loving relationship so I hope things work out for them. I can definitely see marriage in their future. So even though I may not "love" him - I love their love. she seems so happy and content - and as a big fan of hers, that's all I can wish for her.
  3. Yh I think this movie is important for her atm. She hasn't really had a "hit" since The Town. Plus the whole Steven Soderberg movie debacle hasn't helped. I hope Savages is closer to the success of Inglorious Basterds - in terms of box office and critics. I'm not saying it's going to win an Oscar but I hope it's a surprise hit. With GG ending soon and not having any movies booked; if Savages is successful it will reinvigorate her choices (like what the town did for her). In terms of TV actresses (especially from a teen show) she is way ahead of the pack - considering that she has thus far consistently managed to book great work whilst committing 10/12 months to GG. I mean look at all the rest of the fan favourites (e.g Leighton and Nina Dobrev) who are supposedly the much better actresses yet are not even getting good movie roles. The only other person in the same position as Blake has been Olivia Wilde - the only difference being that Olivia had the benefit of boarding an already established critically successful drama and also having more time to do movies because she isn't the lead. However Blake has managed to make more of her opportunities despite doing little movie work; where as Olivia seems to be in everything but is never really memorable (no offence). So I think the next 2 years will be make it or break for her. Once GG is out of the way she will have time to really audition and commit her time to projects. That's when we can really find out if she can make it in the "big leagues" lol. Obviously I think she has it in her to be great, but I think she needs to step up her game on every level - acting, style, image, pr etc. Otherwise she may not be able to shake off the "TV" actress stigma.
  4. I swear yesterday before i went to bed, I wished that Blake would announce who her fragrance would be for. Then I wake up and comes true!. I'm so happy for. Atleast now people can stop moaning about her not being a Chanel girl etc. - but Im sure they will find something else to hate her for. Im SO relieved that it wasnt Marchesa! When she revealed the news about a fragrance - you dont know how hard a prayed that it wasnt marchesa (even though they dont have a fragrance) lol. SHe keeps on amazing me - she is such a smart girl! I love how she keeps sticking it to the haters.
  5. About the financing and the part about not liking Blake in the Collider article, I wont believe it until Deadline talks about it. Deadline is probably the most credible source so if there was any issues with financing/cast they would have atleast hinted at it in their articles. Also if there were any problems with financing, it probably has nothing to do with Blake. Like imo it probably has more to do with Haywire flopping than anything else. Im sure if that person backs out, Steven can get another financier because they still have their open road deal. I would point out that in every article about this movie on Deadline, it always says that the 3 main cast are still negotiating - so maybe not everyone has completely signed on yet. Anyways hope everything works out because I'm so excited for this movie.
  6. IKR!!! The fans on the GG and Leighton Imdb pages are so delusional!! I remember when the roommate was coming out, and I was on the GG imdb page saying how Leighton was better than that and that she needs to stop accepting teen films if she wants a better chance of a career post GG. All her fans jumped on me and said how she's taking a better and different career path then most young actresses. I was like WTF! How is doing a film like The Roommate and Monte Carlo different and better. Ppl who take films like that usually have no better offers imo. But they were so blinded that they made those films sound like legit indie films. That was when I stopped posting on there - cos there's NO COMMON SENSE AT ALL!! I agree that Blake and Leighton are different; its just sad that Leightons fans dont realise that. The main difference for me is their approach to work/fame etc. Like Blake imo actually is very smart and strategic in the type of roles/endorsements she accepts where as to me Leighton just takes whats offered to her. For e.g. look at how many endorsements Leighton has, where as Blake actually waited for the one she actually wanted - Chanel. Smart young woman. Very smart woman - thats why I love her. Yh I would love Blake to work with QT. Remember that pic of Blake and QT at the Will & Kate Bafta Gala - I said how Blake would be perfect in Kill Bill 3 as Uma's daughter because thats what KB3 is about. Also love the new name - although I will miss amogthereckless cos it always made me laugh :lol:
  7. Yh most blog/gossip sites are very anti Blake/ pro Leighton so dont pay too much attention to them. I dont even read sites like ONTD, DListed any more (lainey isnt as bad, I find her obssession with Blake very amusing). Even when she was in 3 yr relationship with Penn they called her a whore so it just goes to show their irrationality (likeOMG 3 boyrfriends!!). Plus the fact that she keeps on winning kills them. I remember how they were SO ecstatic when Green Lantern flopped and Hick got bad reviews - they thought she was done, you could almost here the glee in their voices (lol). But then she got offered Pride, Prejudice and Zombies (but turned it down) and now she's gotten the lead in a Steven Soderbergh movie. Trust me it kills them that she keeps on proving them wrong - so the only thing they can do is call her names etc. They are like she's gonna be like Mischa Barton etc. even though Blake has done way more movies than Mischa ever did. Plus despite the GG schedule she still gets more quality work than most of the young full time movie actresses. I could care less about Leighton but her fans make me not like her. Like they need to care more about Leighton rather than obssesing about Blake. No offence but if Leighton is as superiorly talent as they make her out to be, then shouldnt she be getting better work. I'm just saying! I think what really peeves them the most is that Blake gets QUALITY work, with prestigious directors and co-stars, rather than just any old thing. SO when I see childish comments like that I just revel in the fact that her success is whats driving them mad.
  8. "We have caller id. (hangs up) Maam I will kill you and then delete your face book" DEAD! Thanks for all the news, pics etc. Seriously cant wait for Savages - even though its all the way in September! I really hope she gets to promote it internationally. She's never been out of the country to promote a movie, so hopefully she atleast comes to a Lodon premiere or something. But as always Im sure Gossip Girl will get in the way - as if I ddint need anymore reasons to hate the show!
  9. Huh whats all this stuff about Nina vs. Blake - dont tell me that all the trolls are trying to start something. I guess seeing as they got nowwhere with the Blave vs. Leighton thing, they want to start something new.
  10. why does Blair's wedding dress look so LAME! Come on, its meant to be a ROYAL WEDDING! Serena's dress looks so much better than the wedding dress. Anyways back to The SIde Effects; liked this quote from screenrant.com because they are usually very critical of young actors; look at how they took a dig at Channing Tatum in the last line. I'm really excited for this!
  11. What a way to kick off 2012!!! YES YES YES YES Steven FREAKING SODERBERGH (lol is that how you spell it) And she's the LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy new year everyone!! It's like she knew I was coming back on here :lol: This is why I love her; she's always working hard behind the scenes. And always kicks ass. Oliver Stone, now Steven Soderbergh!!! Hopefully after this, I can get one of my dream team together in the same movie: Blake and Matt Damon - pls make this happen Steven What also make this news even better is that I KNOW the haters are dying inside!! 2012 - Oliver Stone 2013 - Steven Soderbergh 2013 - Good riddance Gossip Girl 20... - Steven Speilberg, Baz Luhrman etc etc.
  12. Thanks for the pics. I dont think Ive seen those pics before, but yeah it looks old. LOVE her hair - especially the colour. This is why I LOVE her - her personality is just amazing. And I think thats why people love her in the industry aswell. btw I dont think that was her singing - its probably just a dub. Yh, out of all the cast I think her and Chace get on the most and probably have the most genuine friendship - like I see them still being friends 10yrs from now. I love that Burberry coat - especially the african/aztec colar - I think it may look odd only because its probably dressy for the event.
  13. DEAD!! I love the effort; especially in finding the pics of the guys with the right facial expressions. And isnt it funny how 5 guys (I'm including Kelly Blatz and assuming she slept with Ryan G) makes her a ho. I wonder how many 20+ year olds will be called whore's etc. if we asked them what their number was. I bet it would be more than 5 and Im sure most of them wouldnt have even been long term relationships. I forgot, this is Blake Lively! Logic/fairness doesn't apply when it comes to her
  14. why arent there any "proper" pics of them kissing/in the park anywhere
  15. Gosh, even in jeans she still looks gorgeous. Her body is literally out of this world.. Plus doesnt it look like "Serena circa Season 1" pics.
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