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2 Unknowns from Europe for Polish Lingerie


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I'm wondering if some of the id skills I've seen here might work on models for Lingerie in Europe, specifically Polish brands.


Here are 2 models


1) Is for Gorteks Brand, and she's done lots of work with Verano Swimwear, Gorteks Lingerie, and other popular brands in Poland.


2) Is for Kinga Lingerie, and looks a little like Natalia Paris (but I don't think it's Natalia).


Any help is appreciated.


14f9e3268242695.jpg  <----- 1

post-31303-0-1445977184-5683_thumb.jpg <----- Tetyana Veryovkina aka Tatiana Veryovkina

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got an update here.  #2 I think is called Tatiana,or maybe Tatiana V.  Not much to go on, sorry.  There isn't much on her, i can't even find out what the V is for.  If anyone knows what the V could be for, we can make sure.  She also did some work for Cotton Club

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thank pitounsky.  The spelling is different on the first name, but it's the same model.   She books out of probably a few places but she was found in Wilhelmina Miami under Tetyana V..  Who knew? 


Gorteks books out of Slovenia, not Poland.

I believe that is Aida M

Thanks for the try.  This is Aida ---


She doesn't really resemble my #1, IMHO.


As well, she's doing work way far away from Poland.  Here's what I found about her (Jan 2013)


Aida Muratovic has appeared numerous times on the covers of the Slovenian FHM, seduced Bollywood with her looks, is the former Miss Hawaiian Tropic and has won the coveted title of Miss Universe Slovenia. She continues to dazzle the modeling world with her stunning looks. Her most recent accomplishment was was an editorial for the Turkish magazine “Seninle” where she spent two months on the streets of Istanbul shooting sessions for “The City of Elegance” clothing line.Originally this Bosnian model hails from Sanski Most, she has settled nicely in Ljubljana, Slovenia with regular travels to photo shoots in China, Dubai, Beirut and Germany.

Due to her long and often visits in India where she has worked in Mumbai for a multitude of domestic and foreign brands, the Slovenians began calling Aida “Miss Bollywood”. In addition to advertising campaigns, posing for magazines and editorials, successful Krajiskinja has also recorded a few well-paid commercials for the MTV channel.

Even with the worldly success that Aida has accomplished in a very short period of time, her forefront desire continues to be to one day become a Victoria’s Secret Model – no doubt something that we think is not too far off in her future.

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most of those brands don't book from Poland. They are just popular there. Gorteks books from Solvenia. NOT POLAND. It doesn't matter if you see her in Poland. It matters what brand she is modeling and where they book their models from.


(because that was a horrible picture of her)

if you don't think its her, look at other Slovenian agencies, NOT POLAND!!!

Elle Liberachi doesn't have agencies in Paris, Netherlands, or the US but has done lingerie campaigns for campaigns based from there. With glamour types and beauty queens, all bets are off because they work with management companies and not agencies which work differently.

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